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Happy Birthday, Trini!

Got together yesterday afternoon with Princess K and her dog Trini to celebrate Trini’s birthday. A number of other friends of Trini came out and we all took a walk in Los Gatos. Great day for it, although it started to sprinkle at the end. Trini had pumpkin pie treats for all of her friends. Perl was very appreciative.

Pet Holiday

I decided that this weekend was a Pet Holiday, thus, I stayed home. I spent most of Saturday sleeping and feeling crappy from the night before. No, it wasn’t from drinking. I’d had two beers after work, then drank root beer at the roof party. I finally realized that the headache was because of the smoke I’d inhaled on the roof. With all the laws against smoking now, I forget how horrible I feel the day after breathing in second hand smoke. This was a good reminder. It also meant I stayed home most of the day. The pets were happy.

Sunday was even more of a Pet Holiday. Perl and I went with Neighbor K and Trini to Fort Funston. Pictures can’t even express the absolute delight on her face when Perl gets to the beach. Pure, unadulterated joy. I can’t help but smile when I see her sprint down the shoreline. Neighbor K and I had some lunch after, then I took a trip to the pet store for supplies.

I spent the afternoon reading on my back deck. Mitsy doesn’t usually let me touch her while she is sleeping, but we finally had an arrangement that she could sleep on my feet propped up in the second chair. It was nice. The vet said she gained some weight last week. I’m still waiting on the blood test results. From her poo I can tell the pills aren’t effective yet and we will need a higher dosage, but at least she gained a little weight. I still feel horrid that what I thought was a miraculous weight loss was actually hyperthyroidism. Oh well. The guilt is making me spend time with them all and appreciate them more.

I took a brief break when I received a phone call from Jelly Bean Man (he earned this name from stopping in my office every morning for Jelly Bellies). Seems he was rollerblading and came down with a killer migraine. Being four miles from his apartment, I dropped everything and picked him up. He never would have made it to his place if he’d had to keep blading. I felt bad—he was really in a lot of pain.

Back home, I finished my book while being entertained by the pets jockeying for position on the main couch. First Mitsy laid in the middle. Perl decided that if she sucked it in, she could squeeze onto her favorite side and not touch Mitsy. Mitsy, however, didn’t like this plan and ran off. Perl spread out. Later, when it was empty again, Pablo picked one side. Perl came back. Using the same maneuver of circling without touching the cat, she successfully laid down without driving Pablo away. It was really adorable to watch.