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Quiet time

I needed a day to myself. So this morning, after donning spandex—yes, I have learned to love spandex, even though maybe I’m one of those people who shouldn’t, but it is so comfortable—, filling my water bottle, and pumping air into the tires, I took my bicycle out for a spin.

I thought it would be just a short ride, but many wrong turns later (how can I have a wrong turn if I don’t know where I’m going?), I found my way back home.

The trip started with me going in the opposite direction from normal. I wanted to try a new trail. The map said the bridges would be open by early 2009, and since it is late 2009, I thought I’d give it a try. Turns out while the bridges might be done, the trail is not. FAIL.

So I went back the couple miles and started over, this time going towards the Stevens Creek Trail. Just minutes after getting on the trail, I almost hit a squirrel. I might have clipped its tail with my tire. That would not have been pleasant to run over a squirrel with my bike. But all is good with the world. It narrowly escaped to live another day.

As I was passing NASA Ames, I saw two fighter jets take off and buzz a commercial airliner. I’m sure in the air they were a lot further away from the airliner than it seemed, but I sure as hell would have been scared to see these fighter jets coming my way!

I found my way into Shoreline park. Got a little too close to the salt marshes, which were a little too smelly. This flock of pelicans didn’t seem to care. These might have been the outcasts though. There were a lot more later in my trip and they were hanging out in cleaner water.

Next thing I knew, I had gone through Shoreline and was on a trail next to 101 and could see the exit for Embarcadero/Oregon Expressway. I’d ridden into Palo Alto! I dead ended at the golf course and made a u-turn. I took a moment to find how far I was from home, but didn’t look at the time. But I started to think I might hurt a lot when I got to my couch.

At one point I was riding on the road when I stopped at a green light because there was a guy driving on the wrong side of the divided road. I decided I did not need to be part of that accident when it happens. Luckily everyone went around him and he switched sides at the stop light. He didn’t seem to care at all and was annoyed that he had been unable to take a left from where he came.

When I passed the farmers market and saw that everyone was tearing down, I began to think that it was much later than I thought.

I arrived home 3 1/2 hours after I had left. I’d only stopped at lights and to check directions twice. Other than that, I was cycling the whole time. Not fast, but continuous. I’m sure you can imagine how much I hurt right now. But I stayed standing long enough to shower and then walk Perl two miles so I could get some lunch. Probably was good for me.


Brunch at Flames Coffee House—I now know where the old, white people
eat. Then a tour of the Winchester Mystery House. A stop at Straits
for a drink and to watch the indecicive bikers. Walked Santana Row.
Now chips and salsa and music at El Tardin.

Another beautiful day in California.