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Seoul: Day 5—A walk in the park

I started the day with a run in the park. Absolutely gorgeous day. Did a little over two miles. The park runs all along the Han river and there are plenty of bridges that cross.

A little bit late, Meine Schwester, and The Archivist and I headed out to the Korean Folk Village. We thought we were going to see a fortress wall as well, but the subway took much longer than we thought, and then we had to take a 45 minute bus ride that we didn’t know about. It totally threw off our day. I was a bit grumpy this day, and I’m sorry. It happens.

But Meine Schwester is always good at cheering me up!

Here is one of those things that they carry royalty in using four big guys. The Archivist was the only one willing to take her shoes off to get in and take the photo.

There was live entertainment, like a tight rope walker. This guy was fucking hysterical. If you understand Korean. Which we didn’t.

I originally thought that these guys were waving their streamers with their hands, but then I realized the ribbons are attached to their heads. They would swing their heads around while banging on their drums and defying gravity. Please, try this at home.

The Archivist found these rice snacks. They are covered in honey and sesame seeds. Meine Schwester is demonstrating how to eat them. Sexy, right? Right?

Funny, but the snacks looked a lot like these silk worm cocoons. We watched as a woman spun silk thread from these.

So, after our stressful day riding the subway, a bus, and touring a very empty Folk Village, we headed back to Seoul. We had every intention of going to Seoul tower for the amazing view, but never made it. Ended up going to a Chinese restaurant down the street.

The food was…well, incredible. We thought maybe the cute valet parker told the restaurant to treat us nice. But he denies it. Regardless, we ate more food than we ordered. We ordered a set of potstickers and this is what they brought us.

I loved the way they presented this with the spiderweb top. It was beautiful. And what was even better was that they decided to try out some new potstickers on us. They were filled with tomato, egg, and ham. Breakfast for dinner! Meine Schwester and The Archivist loved them. I ate the original ones instead.

Then the waiter kept bringing us food. I don’t remember what else he brought us other than desert! We weren’t expecting that either. But it was good. I was so excited! It totally made my day!

Meine Schwester still thinks Chinese food should be Panda Express, but I was totally impressed with what we had.

The rest of Day 5 photos are in My Gallery.

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Reprise

I was in the lavatory on my flight back from Seoul. Pants down, in the middle of peeing, when someone started banging on the door. What the hell?

The door was rattling, and the banging continued. I yelled out, “Just a minute.” And I tried to hold the door closed. It is almost impossible to stop peeing once started.

I finished up and opened the door. There was a steward standing there asking me if everything was alright. It seems that I had accidentally elbowed the emergency switch while in the bathroom.

Seoul: Day 4—Recovery

Our night out was a bit draining, so we took it easy in the morning. For lunch, we met up with some friends and had some good ol’ hamburgers and fries. And some margaritas. Hrm. I almost forgot about the margaritas. Or aiming fluid as I like to think of it.

We then ventured out to the driving range where everyone tried out their skills hitting a little white ball with a stick. Meine Schwester had been taking lessons. She is already better than I am. She will outgrow the clubs I gave her quickly. Now I need to get better.

The Archivist and friends tried their hand as well and did pretty good for not being regulars!

Next we lost the boy and the girls went to get our nails done. I got flowers painted on my big toes. Aren’t they pretty?

After doing our nails, they gave us massages. Mine was more of a bruising than a massage. They really beat on me. The next day I woke up and thought that I would be black and blue. Maybe they hate me for making them paint flowers.

You can tell that they are conspiring!

Seoul: Day 3—Continued. More Photos

I forgot that I have The Archivist’s photos as well. Here are a few of the first three days.

The Archivist making her grand entrance into a palace. That first Chinese word means gate. I don’t know any more than that.

Sisters posing at the palace. We should have been princesses!

Walking around palaces is hard. Can we go shopping?

Our first real Korean meal of the trip. We over ordered. By a lot! But it was exactly like the Korean food I get here in the Bay Area. Nice to know that what I’m getting here is authentic, but kind of disappointed that I was already familiar with it all. Who left that fork in the picture!

The Archivist and a South Korean guard in the DMZ. Just a little more to your left. A little more…

Shopping! Meine Schwester is trying to get a bargain.

Yay! McDonalds! No, we never ate at McDonalds, but I felt better knowing I had the option.

Meine Schwester and friend.

Sisters dressed up for a night out on the town. Yes we are wearing dresses. Do we look related?

What happens when two sisters have two many sangrias? We start laughing so hard we cry. It runs in the family, guys! Now do we look related? ;-)

Intern! Read the end of Seoul: Day 3—Shopping & Dining for more about Intern.

Seoul: Day 3—Shopping & Dining

We started the day as typical American Tourists. We went to Starbucks.

I know, pathetic, but we really wanted some caffeine. A little iced, vanilla latte to start the day and deal with the heat. Supposedly, the weather was better than it had been the week before, but I’m still spoiled from the lack of humidity in California. I’m a pansy.

Caffeinated, we hit the markets. After a couple hours, all trinkets looked the same. Typical. But I did pick up a few items. The first was a painting. I didn’t meet the artist, but his wife ran the store. I loved this one for all the pink. I’m trying to learn to like pink. I need to be a better girl.

I was going to barter for a better price, but I didn’t want the frame or matte, so I asked her to take it out. Then I felt bad because I found out that she is the one who frames and mattes them. I explained that it would be difficult to take it on the plane.

Then I ran across this vase. I really wanted the dragon that he was carving into another vase, but he wasn’t going to be finished with that for a while and I couldn’t wait that long. And Meine Schwester wanted a plaque, so she bartered for a bargain.

We lunched at another Italian restaurant. This one was much more normal than the other one we had visited. They had an actual wine list. But we didn’t try the fried mozzarella.

The afternoon was shopping in Itaewan. I found a really cute pair of Tevas. Took me the rest of the vacation to break them in, but they fit great now.

Then we met up with some friends for dinner at Loco Loca in Itaewan. Had to try another Mexican place. I was excited about their sangria, and their food was much more authentic than the place we went to on the first night. Meine Schwester decided to show us her guns.

I might have had too much sangria because my pictures seem a little crooked.

And this was our attempt at matchmaking The Archivist, who had just bought that cute little dress she is wearing. Sadly, my curves were not going to fit into any clothes, so I didn’t bother looking.

After dinner, we headed to Gecko’s for drinks and met up with a couple more friends. At some point, two guys came over and asked if they could sit with us. Claimed something about that being their usual table. They really thought that they were going to hit on Meine Schwester. Boy were they wrong. At least I made her promise no fighting before they started talking. Eventually the guys got pissed off and left.

During the evening, Intern—I always find a new one somewhere—left the table. I should have kept an eye on him because he found his way to the bar and bought a round of these

I scolded Intern, and told him to never do that again, but I also had to admit that it was the best shot I have ever had. I don’t know what it was named, but it tasted like a peppermint patty.

Seoul: Day 2 Continued. Not quite right

After returning from a stressful day at the DMZ, we decided to check out an Italian restaurant down the street. Except for the language, Seoul seems very much like being in New York. But there is always something that is just not quite right. Tonight it was the mozzarella balls. See the explaination in my ¿Como Say What? blog. Also, they had wine. We could choose between Red or White. Those were our choices. I have no idea what I drank other than it tasted like a Chardonnay. We couldn’t guess the red.

After dinner, we went out for drinks. We sat at an outside table at a Japanese restaurant so we could scope out the guys. See and be seen. And stick out like the sore, white thumbs we were. But it seems we were in the wrong part of town. They were all couples. Everywhere. There were three cute guys that walked by us early on. I should have grabbed them then, but I thought we would have more options. Nope. That was it.

So we drank. The Archivist ordered a beer. Meine Schwester and I made the mistake of ordering two pots of soju, thinking we were just getting two drinks. One was seeped in cucumbers and the other in lemon. The cucumber got better with age, but the lemon was fabulous right from the start. But we didn’t even come close to finishing one tea pot, let alone two. Our reputations are much inflated.

My fascination with the DMZ

I forgot to mention a few more things about the DMZ. We also took a tour of the 3rd Tunnel of Agression the North Koreans were digging to get to Seoul. Sadly, no one can take photos, but you can see some photos of the maps on the wikipedia page.

The Wikipedia page on the DMZ is interesting. There you will find a picture in the Joint Security Area almost exactly like the one I took of the guard and a guy in the window with binoculars. In their photo the guard has binoculars too. They also talk about the fake North Korean town of Kijong-dong. The town is like a set for a movie, with no one actually living there.

North Korea is absolutely fascinating. If you get a chance, I suggest reading

It was highly entertaining and informative, although I took it with a grain of salt.