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One of my favorite hiding spots

I have a friend visiting from out of town, so I took him to my not so secret favorite spots in the city.

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Girls’ Night Out

Thursday nightlife at the Cal Academy of Science. We still don't know
where single guys hang out, but we are having a great time!


How did I end up singing camp songs? I was happily hanging with the adults until I was rudely interrupted.

Travelling at home

I spend so much time going away that sometimes I need to explore what is near me.

A friend invited me to a girls lunch out in San Francisco. I decided to use public transportation, so my trip started at 9 am. I donned a bike helmet and rode my bike to the train station. I was purposely early so I could spend time visiting the farmers market where a woman taught me how to pick ripe peaches. I picked up a vanilla latte and boarded the train.

The plan is to get off the train in Milbrae and take the BART to the Ferry Building, pick up some fresh flowers and hike up to Coit Tower. It is about a mile and includes lots of stairs. Should get plenty of excercise today!

I know that taking public transportation takes lots of extra time, but I like that I can spend that time blogging or writing email without carrying my laptop around. It is sad that I now think of my laptop as being heavy and bulky. What did I do before my iPhone?

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