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Planes, trains, and automobiles, again

I never really make it simple, do I? I started yesterday with a car ride to the Caltrain to the hotel shuttle. Today, I took the hotel shuttle to SFO, VirginAmerica to JFK, AirTrain to Jamaica Station, the E line subway to Lexington, the 6 line subway to Grand Central Station. Wish I’d had time to take photos, but I only had five minutes to buy a ticket and hop on the Metro North train to Bridgeport and then switch to the Waturbury train. There, I’ll hopefully be driven to tonight’s accomodations, or food. Food would be good right now.

Just to make it more complicated, I’m not taking the same way home.

Free Ride

I took Caltrain up to the hotel. Sorry, but it was uneventful.

The problem I had was that the hotel was only half a mile away as the crow flies, but much further if walking because I had to get across the highway. So I looked for a taxi. Nothing. So I crossed the tracks. Nothing. But then I saw a sign for a Trolley.

A trolley, really, in Burlingame? I was curious enough to look closer. It was a free shuttle. To my hotel! But I had twenty minutes to kill. So I dragged my carry-on bag like a homeless woman down Burlingame Ave. Yes, once again, I packed in just a carry-on bag. Thank you airlines for encouraging my amazing packing skills by charging me for checked luggage. Also, it is easier to take on public transportation, which I have become obsessed with doing. This trip is no exception. But I digress.

I walked down Burlingame Ave. Lots of cute restaurants I want to try some day. But I was searching for a hair brush since I have confirmed that I did forget it. I was surprised to find a number of beauty product shops but they were all closed at 19:30. Sigh. However, the Apple store was open, so I almost stopped to get a power cord for my iPhone since I brought the USB cable, but not the wall plug. But I decided to rough it.

So I roughed it all the way on the free shuttle to my 3.5 star hotel. I know, I know, maybe I should have gone with the four star on Hotwire, but I decided to spend that extra $20 at the hotel bar.

So here I am, drinking a glass of wine and blogging. The bartender is trying to be entertaining, but I’m having a hard time hearing through his accent. He just stopped by to ask if I were calling him. I appreciate the flirting. Oh, that reminds me of another post I’ve been meaning to write.

Hopefully my battery will last…

…I think I forgot to eat. Too late now. Wine is made of grapes and grapes are fruit, right? Right? Luckily I have a Cutie from Cow Orker. Now I wish I had packed the granola bars this morning.


I left JFK Airport for the first time ever!

I’m scared of NYC. I’ve been here once or twice, but never flew in and never tried to take public transportation. I’ve been to the airport too many times to count. And I love coming here to JetBlue’s T5.

At 7 am, I dragged my drowsy ass off the plane. I followed signs for the AirTrain. I arrived at Jamaica Station. I bought a ticket for the LIRR, but I forgot to buy a ticket to get me out of the AirTrain. Same problems I have in SF sometimes.

I boarded the train to Penn Station moments before the door closed. I lucked out because it was an express.

I did miss the 8 am train to Albany, but it gave me time to get a NY style bagel from Zaro’s. I’m not thrilled. The cream cheese just seems lacking. Otherwise, it seems just like the bagels I get at work, only more expensive.

So here I sit in the waiting area. Women keep glaring at me because wearing boots and a heavy sweater was a little too much, so I took off the sweater. In the middle of NY where everyone is bundled up, i’m just wearing a tank top. I considered taking off the sweater when I was on the train and holding onto a pole. Thought a Wednesday morning strip tease might be in order, but it didn’t seem sexy to take off a bulky sweater.

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The adventure begins!

After walking to the caltrain station with all my gear in the hot sun, taking a shower this morning was a pointless effort. I am dripping in sweat. It is unpleasant to say the least. But The Archivist is taking it all in stride!

If you don’t already know, we are off to Seoul. I know, it isn’t high on most people’s list of vacation spots, but why not? Family are afraid that we will accidentally walk into North Korea and end up in a work camp. I’m excited at the possibility of who might rescue us. I figure Kim Jong Il has now met Bill Clinton. So who else is on his list? Friends speculated that maybe Brad Pitt would be next. Hrmmmm.

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Travelling at home

I spend so much time going away that sometimes I need to explore what is near me.

A friend invited me to a girls lunch out in San Francisco. I decided to use public transportation, so my trip started at 9 am. I donned a bike helmet and rode my bike to the train station. I was purposely early so I could spend time visiting the farmers market where a woman taught me how to pick ripe peaches. I picked up a vanilla latte and boarded the train.

The plan is to get off the train in Milbrae and take the BART to the Ferry Building, pick up some fresh flowers and hike up to Coit Tower. It is about a mile and includes lots of stairs. Should get plenty of excercise today!

I know that taking public transportation takes lots of extra time, but I like that I can spend that time blogging or writing email without carrying my laptop around. It is sad that I now think of my laptop as being heavy and bulky. What did I do before my iPhone?

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Home again

I managed to get into San Francisco. The flight was delayed by an hour because of bad weather in Boston, but I didn’t care because I’m already late getting home and I ran into my friend, Ken (thanks for getting that stupid Barbie song stuck in my head), who also happened to be on my flight (or I was on his flight), so I had plenty of entertainment.

He had a rental car—or better yet, a maroon grandpa boat—waiting for him, so I caught a ride, but only as far as Menlo Park. He couldn’t get me to the train or else he’d miss his meeting, so he ditched me with the attendants at the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel & Spa. They were fabulous. They called a cab for me. They offered me water. They were worried about what time my train was. And they probably enjoyed wondering why Ken and I drove up but I needed to go to the train station while he was staying for a meeting. Always good to make people at 5 star hotels curious.

So a $20 cab ride later, I successfully bought a Caltrain ticket. Only waited a few minutes for a train. I even looked it up to make sure I didn’t accidentally get on an express train.

I walked a lovely mile home to drop off my bag. Pablo, the one with the unexplained fever, not to be mistaken with Mitsy, the one with the brain fungus, was under the bed and not coming out. However, he did blink slowly at me, indicating everything would be okay.

I put the top down on Myrtle and drive to the specialty vet. The highway was at a standstill, so I took back roads and hoped I’d find my way to Campbell. I did, but arrived 10 minutes after they closed. However, they took pity on me and let me in to pay my ginormous bill.

I then broke Perl out of doggy daycare jail after paying their ransom. Now we are all home and all is in order. Perl is licking her paws, Mitsy left the room because she wasn’t getting enough attention, and Pablo, King of the Castle, is hogging all my time.

And it may only be 8 pm, but i am off to sleep.


Safely at Logan

The conductor only charged me for the zones I needed today. My pass from yesterday worked and got me on the silver line. The bus had a medley of passengers. A cute bookworm. A midget. And a hot, pierced, touchy-feely lesbian couple that I befriended later at the airport while standing in line. I thought they might be going to SF, but they live here and are going to New Orleans for the weekend.

Now if I can just get in a plane that takes off and lands in California today.

Let me try this again

I’m on the commuter train back to South Station. Didn’t know where to buy tickets, so I don’t have one. Didn’t really sleep. Showered at 4:30 am since I wasn’t sleeping. Know I should eat, but not sure if I can.

Not exactly starting the day off right.

Never a dull moment

You would all be highly disappointed if my travel today were completely uneventful, so here I go.

Concord Trailways got me to Logan on time and without incident. JetBlue got me loaded on the plane, in time, and ready to go. That is where the trouble began.

First off, I’m not looking forward to the flight because I’m pretty sure there are three pets on the plane. One guy has a carrier covered in a blanket, and then there is a Jamaican family with two Chihuahuas. The Chihuahuas are across the aisle from me, and it is a small plane, only four seats across. You know I love pets, but I feel bad for them when they have to fly. And I worry unnecessarily, even though they aren’t mine.

Then there was the woman who raised her hand when the attendant asked if there was anyone on the plane not going to JFK. She had just misheard him.

Then there was a brief dispute about what kinds of snacks were available in this flight. It was resolved quickly.

And then we deboarded the plane.

No, I didn’t forget to mention take off or turbulance or landing because I didn’t experience any of that.

There are four flights to JFK today. The last two are already cancelled. When I had checked in, I was warned to watch for delays. Then I saw the weather talking about golf ball-sized hail around NYC. When we got on our plane, I was certain they were trying to get us there before the weather started. But JFK stopped us before we could leave the gate.

To JetBlue’s credit, knowing the wait is about an hour and that there will be landing delays and time to get us back in the takeoff line, they let us deboard. And I know they can’t control the weather. Some passengers are not as laid back about it all as I am. I feel bad for the crew having to deal with angry people.

So I got off and saw there is a flight later to Oakland. After acquiring an iced vanilla latte, I returned to the gate and inquired as to switching to that flight. The attendant thought it was a reasonable request, however, the flight is sold out.

So now I wait with the contents of my plane to hear back from New York. I will keep you posted.

We are boarding again.

On the bus

I was going to take the Downeaster train into Boston, but they don’t seem to have any between 8 am and noon. So I’m on Concord trailways bus line. Not as sexy as the train, but they have headphones and play a movie, so it makes the trip go by really fast. And I can go directly to the airport without taking the T.

So I’m watching New in Town. Not a great movie, but I am drooling over Harry Connick, Jr. And laughing at Minnesota. It is kind of like Maine, but different.

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