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My faith in humanity has been restored

I was going to tell you all about how I was driving home one night and turned the corner to find a guy trying to push his car out of the road and up the inclined driveway. I pulled Myrtle over, hopped out and ran as fast as I could in four-inch heels. By the time I got there, a bicyclist had stopped to help, and another guy came up behind me. It took four complete strangers to get the car into the driveway. The guy parked, thanked us, and we were all on our way within minutes.

But then, I got an email from Wedding Singer. He regaled me with a story about watching a big rig sideswipe his friend’s truck. How he then used his 10-year-old Spanish skills to translate between the Guatemalan truck drivers and the police. How the driver didn’t want to call his insurance company, so Wedding Singer helped him transfer money. But the driver was completely legit and the insurance was picking up the bill, and the police had given the driver three tickets when he only deserved one. So Wedding Singer called the police and tried to fix the mistake. And then he woke up the next morning and went with the Guatemalans to traffic court and pleaded their case for getting out of the two extra tickets. And then he got the money back from his friend and sent the Guatemalans on their way.

And my story paled in comparison.

Home again

I managed to get into San Francisco. The flight was delayed by an hour because of bad weather in Boston, but I didn’t care because I’m already late getting home and I ran into my friend, Ken (thanks for getting that stupid Barbie song stuck in my head), who also happened to be on my flight (or I was on his flight), so I had plenty of entertainment.

He had a rental car—or better yet, a maroon grandpa boat—waiting for him, so I caught a ride, but only as far as Menlo Park. He couldn’t get me to the train or else he’d miss his meeting, so he ditched me with the attendants at the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel & Spa. They were fabulous. They called a cab for me. They offered me water. They were worried about what time my train was. And they probably enjoyed wondering why Ken and I drove up but I needed to go to the train station while he was staying for a meeting. Always good to make people at 5 star hotels curious.

So a $20 cab ride later, I successfully bought a Caltrain ticket. Only waited a few minutes for a train. I even looked it up to make sure I didn’t accidentally get on an express train.

I walked a lovely mile home to drop off my bag. Pablo, the one with the unexplained fever, not to be mistaken with Mitsy, the one with the brain fungus, was under the bed and not coming out. However, he did blink slowly at me, indicating everything would be okay.

I put the top down on Myrtle and drive to the specialty vet. The highway was at a standstill, so I took back roads and hoped I’d find my way to Campbell. I did, but arrived 10 minutes after they closed. However, they took pity on me and let me in to pay my ginormous bill.

I then broke Perl out of doggy daycare jail after paying their ransom. Now we are all home and all is in order. Perl is licking her paws, Mitsy left the room because she wasn’t getting enough attention, and Pablo, King of the Castle, is hogging all my time.

And it may only be 8 pm, but i am off to sleep.


Errand success!

First stop was the bookstore. She wasn't busy being a 10 am on a Friday morning, so she said she would take a look through all my books. I managed to score $58 in store credit and then spent $33.

Next stop, Goodwill. This was my big win for the day. Before going, I made a list of everything I was bringing and looked up their values. A big box of clothes, some shoes, luggage, a full set of dishes, and leftover books legally nets me $260 in tax deductions.

I then made a pit stop at home to shower now that my heavy lifting was done, and slather on sunscreen since errands must be done with Myrtle's top down.

On to the DMV. It makes me nervous to see old people there who can barely walk. What is their reaction time? I hope when I get to that age that I realize I have to let go of my car. Until then, the DMV took $200. I was just going to get my bank off the title—about time, since I've owned the car for three years—but it seems my registration is due in August, so I paid it now. But they wouldn't give it to me because I need a smog check.

Off to AAA, since I also need to pay my home insurance. However, the insurance side wasn't open, and the smog check people were busy until 3. On to more errands.

I stopped to buy dog food then went to the golf course to pick up my clubs. The Callaway dealer was out, but my clubs were there. A beautiful set of X22 graphite shaft Women's clubs. They are blue and have pretty flowery squiggles on the head. Very girly. :-)

To my surprise, they let me walk out with $900 worth of clubs! By the way, I paid *much* less than that. I can't wait to try them out! I'm so excited! :-)

Before I can go to the driving range, I have to finish my todo list. So I stopped at work to pick up my drycleaning and then on to the recycling center to get rid of the busted recieved that I've been carrying around in my trunk for a month or two. I was amazed at everything going on there. Lots of recycling, gigantic bricks of crushed aluminum. A big SMARTStation for separating trash. It gives me hope that things are going to the proper places.

I figured I shouldn't leave my new clubs in the car, especially since I haven't even paid for them yet. So I dropped of the clubs, drycleaning and dog food at home and went back to AAA for my smog check.

The smog check was uneventful, although my car feels violated by the probe up her ass.

Back to the DMV where I found an empty nip of Jack Daniels in the parking lot. Seriously, who thinks that is a good idea?

I feel like I'm playing bingo waiting for A042 to be called. I'm thinking of shouting when it does, but I don't. I get my registration sticker and head home.

I have been successful with today's errands. Still a few more things to do, but they involve shopping. And I hate shopping. Let's do math! Or walk the dog and go to a party? Good enough!

Hope you all had a successful day!


In the 100˚ weather, Myrtle and I drove up past Calistoga, to the family ranch of a friend. There, I had to drive Myrtle down a ranch road, past a vineyard, and over a small creek.

This got me to a reservoir in the shadow of Mount Saint Helena, which is a mountain made of volcanic rock, but is not itself a volcano. This was temporarily debated as we know that Calistoga is known for it hot springs, and thus there must be lava fields.

The reservoir is used to help irrigate the vineyards, which are run by a large local winery. This was also the reason why I had to leave eventually. I really had to pee. I couldn’t pee in the water, and there weren’t much for bushes around. But there was a gas station seven miles away. Funny, but when you have to pee, that is really all you can think about. That, and it was going to take 2 1/2 hours to get home and the sun was setting soon, and you all know how much I love my sleep. But I digress.

It was a wonderful afternoon of swimming and boating out to the dock. It made the 100˚ weather actually bearable. I spent most of the afternoon floating about in the water staying cool. We also managed to get some snacks out to the float, including a bottle of wine made from the grapes on the property. We were lacking glasses, so we used the Mike’s Hard Lemonade bottles that we had consumed earlier.

Met a bunch of cool people. Got more exercise than I would have staying at home. And drove back to Berkeley with the top down before it got too cold. Amazing how cold 67˚ is when you’ve been in 100˚ and direct sun all day. Thank goodness for the two applications of sunscreen I used. I think I came out mostly unscathed!

I didn’t take many photos, but there are a couple more in My Gallery.

Overall, it was an absolutely fabulous day!

√ Fab weekend

Meme, Omar and I went to the rainforest today at Cal Academy of Sciences. Saw frogs, and snakes, and butterflies. Put the top down on the convertible and drove down Geary to the ocean. Finished the day at the Cliff House, drinking cocktails and watching the sunset. Much thanks to Omar for entertaining Meme while I tried to find parking. Seems that even having a handicap pass doesn’t make it easy to find parking in Golden Gate Park. I did make Meme walk the ten blocks back to the car. If she tries to give you some sob story about it, remind her that I told her she was welcome to call it quits and sit on the curb and I’d bring the car to her. I do have a witness, so she can’t claim elder abuse. ;-)

The best part of the day, according to Meme, is when we were entering Golden Gate Park. We were all stuck in traffic, with an intersecting road on the right. Some soccer mom passed a couple cars on that road, then tried to cut me off by sticking the nose of her vehicle in front of me. I thought she wanted to turn left, which would have been fine, but it became obvious that wasn’t the case. Without saying a word, I deftly navigated Myrtle between the mini van and oncoming traffic, completely ignoring her and continuing on our way as if nothing had happened.

Another absolutely amazing weekend. Photos are available in my gallery.

As I side note, I don’t know those people in the sunset photo. They were eating dinner, we were at the bar. I thought they made nice silhouettes.

Perfect day

Why is it that the best dates aren’t real dates? Yesterday was absolutely amazing. A warm, sunny day. I picked up a friend mid afternoon and we drove Myrtle topless over to Santa Cruz. Bought paint for my kitchen and fondled the magnificent materials at Greenspace. We went to the light house to walk the beach and watch the sunset.

Regardless of having the Internets in our pockets, we drove aimlessly around Santa Cruz looking for a restaurant I went to a couple months ago. We never did find it. Instead we landed at the Seabright Brewery and ran into my former manager and his wife, so I figured it must be a good place, since they live there. I’d go back for the oatmeal stout.

After dinner, we drove back to the south bay thinking it was late, but it wasn’t. So we went to Palo Alto. While strolling the street looking for a good bar, we walked by the Stanford Theatre and saw that they are playing Humphrey Bogart movies this season. We missed Casablanca, but watched Beat the Devil. I didn’t realize that in 1953 it was okay to have a movie that showed a woman cheating on her husband. That really surprised me.

After the movie, we looked for a wine bar. We had tried to go to Vino Locale, but it closes early. I’d been to The Wine Room the night before for Boston Boy’s birthday and decided that it was good enough for two nights in a row. Had some good Argentinean wine while sitting on the couch in front of the fire. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

I haven’t had a good I Can’t Believe It’s Not A Date story in a while!

Karmann Ghia

Myrtle and I are still fighting, but not like we were earlier. She is pissed at me because she got a bath yesterday and today I threw in some grass covered golf clubs and a pull cart. Oops.

So to get back at me, I received a letter from VW today that there is a recall on the airbags. They could go off with more force than necessary at a low speed impact. Of course this isn’t the same problem with the airbags that I just had. No, that would be too easy. And according to this report says that the recall was known in April, but wasn’t starting until July. And I just brought Myrtle in, so why didn’t they mention the recall and that they were going to do something about it?

Maybe it isn’t Myrtle and I who are fighting. Maybe it is the dealer.

So today, bbum suggested that maybe I’d like a VW Karmann Ghia. These are cute cars!

But I will still stick with Myrtle.

The battle continues

For lunch, R-zilla and I went to visit the little red Boxster. I needed a second opinion.

R-zilla said no. I was surprised. I was certain he would tell me to go for it. But the more I looked at the car the more I wondered why I'd trade my car for one twice its age. And I started to see the wear and tear.

R-zilla said I'd be bored with it by the end of the month. He's right. And the car just isn't me. It is an adult car. Something a grown up would drive. I'm not there yet. I work in a place full of Peter Pans. We hate the thought of growing up and getting real jobs, since you can't possibly enjoy working at a real job. And we all think we are fighting pirates or we pretend to be the pirates. Either way, we live in our own little fantasy world.

Besides, the boxster doesn't have seat heaters.

I didn't take Myrtle with me on my little secret rendezvous. She was out back getting all gussied up so that I would fall in love with her again. When I went to pick her up from the car wash area tonight, there were only two cars left.

You can't even imagine the guilt I feel that she spent the day next to the same kind of car that I was threatening to replace her with.

I'll call Bugformance in the morning and get her an appointment. How could I let a few little problems sully our relationship like this. How could I give up on her so easily? I hope she can find a way to trust me again.

If I were really going to leave her it would be for a Mini.

And if this is how I deal with my car, you can only imagine how fucked up my relationships with guys can get.

Myrtle and I are fighting

Myrtle has been acting up. Her driver’s side window rattles in the door. There is some clanking sound underneath. The whole incident with the airbags. She has been pissing me off.

So I took her to a used car dealership and threatened to trade her in for a Porsche Boxster Convertible. And I took photos. And told her I could trade for an even deal.

Myrtle started to cry. I could see a little drop of water coming from her windshield nozzles. My Catholic guilt kicked in. I apologized. I promised I’d get her window and rattle fixed. And figure out why she has had performance anxiety when starting. And even get her a new flower for her vase.

My life is (not) miserable

We all have those days, or weeks, or months where we are just down. Depressed even. And it is hard to get out of that feeling.

I’ve been depressed for a month or so now. Maybe longer. I’ve tried not to let it interfere with every day life, but I’ve just been down. I’ve been frustrated with some stuff and I’ve let it really bother me.

The truth to the matter is, I have a fantastic life. As I write this, my dog and I are house/dog sitting for some friends. We are in their backyard, laying in the sun in a cloudless sky, finishing off the half-drunk bottles of wine. I spent time earlier today feeding my cats, doing laundry, and making Nana Haagstrom’s blueberry cake. It was perfect as always. My dog is stalking squirrels while I’ve been calling friends and family on the east coast before they go to sleep.

I have job that many people envy. I have friends and family who love me and I love them. I drive a cute little convertible named Myrtle. And I live in in a town with 260 sunny days. That is 71% of the year. And I need sun. I photosynthesize, regardless of what my biologist friends say.

But I still get depressed.

I’ve learned that everything is relative. It seems like I have everything I could possibly want. Well, I almost do. But there are a few holes that haven’t been filled. And when I’m not worried about when I’m going to eat next or if I have a roof over my head, then I have time to worry about the things that would be almost meaninless to anyone else. And then I feel sad.

Lucky for me, I can usually recognize when this is happening. I try not to interfere with it too much since I need a little down time so that the happy times seem happier. But I’ve spent too much time feeling sad lately. Time to get back to normal.