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Thirty-six hours in Boston

I couldn’t blog about it earlier, but I spent the weekend in Boston. Although that isn’t entirely accurate because it is hard to spend a weekend in Boston when I live in California.

I took a redeye flight on Friday night. It was supposed to leave at 10:30 pm, but didn’t leave until after midnight. So I didn’t land until 9 am, which is the time I told my high school friend I would meet her for coffee.

It was freaking cold when I landed, and I was half an hour late, but I managed to get to Mike’s Pastries. I hate to admit it, but Facebook makes it possible to call up someone I haven’t seen in over a decade and say, Hey, I’m gonna be in town for 36 hours. Wanna meet for coffee?

It was great catching up. So many things have happened over the years to get us to where we are.

We talked for a couple hours, then my mom arrived and was double parked. I picked up the cake my brother had ordered and said my goodbyes.

My mom and I went to CraftBoston and saw a lot of really great work. It was great to have a chance to spend some time with her since I won’t get to see her at Christmas.

I do feel bad that I passed out in the car on the way to New Hampshire to pick up Motorcycle Man. Hard to stay awake after taking a redeye.

We then went down to Brother K and The President’s house for The President’s 30th birthday. I am surprised that it was actually a surprise. I thought that Sparkles may have ruined it when we were at our Cousin’s 40th surprise party two weeks earlier. Luckily, the jug o’ wine from Olive Garden had clouded The President’s memory.

My apologies to The President for not keeping up with drinking. I know that is my duty as resident Asshole, but I just can’t live up to the expectations. ‘Tis the problem with getting older.

Sunday I slept in just a little, that is until MiniMe woke me. Hung out with the fam for a little bit, then my cousin dropped me off at Logan.

And that was where I was, a week ago, as I wrote this post while sipping a winter solstice ale—deep red in color, malty and generously hopped—at the Boston Beer Works. So it is only fitting that today, on the actual winter solstice, I find this post half written. No, it wasn’t the beer that made me forget to finish it, it was because the WordPress iPhone app had crashed, lost half of what I had written, thus pissing me off.

This was the last of my travels for the year.

Photos from Frankie’s Memorial Service

I felt a little awkward taking photos at a memorial service, but there were so many memories there. So hopefully, I will be forgiven for that—and for not using a flash, which produced a bunch of blurry photos.

I’ve attached a few below, but you can find all of them in My Gallery

Help, my kitchen is under attack!

Day 2 of the remodeling. Of course there will be a week long hiatus until any more work gets done on it. Today was the last of the power tools. I relocated all contents of the kitchen to my living room and dining room. Before removing the rest of the doors, I finished drilling holes for my new handles. I am grateful that Motorcycle Man did most of them while he was here, but I’m glad there were a few left for me to do with the drill that he and Mom bought me. Now I have two power tools. I know: Hot. ;-)

Finished sanding all the doors. Just a light sanding so that the paint sticks. Sanding is a lot of work. My project for the rest of the week is to hand sand the edges of the doors and drawers, and the outside of the cabinets.

Any suggestions on whether or not I should bother painting the insides of the cabinets? I’m kind of torn. Considering how much work I’ve put in already, I’m not sure I want to, but at the same time, since they are empty, I might as well do it.

Drilling was easy. Drilling where I made the mark? A bit harder.

Got smart today and labeled all the doors/drawers so that I know where they go back later.

A before picture. Hopefully the after will look better and not worse!

Latest photos

New photo album of Mom & Motorcycle Man’s visit. Here are a couple teaser photos

I’ve also added a couple pictures to my collection of Desktop Photos.

Move over bacon!

Mom and Motorcycle Man left tonight. We had a wonderful trip. Lots of fun in Napa and Muir Woods. A couple good relaxing days in the south bay.

Civil Sarah and Life Partner: you all better watch out. Mom and Motorcycle Man might become my favorite guests. They washed all the sheets and towels and dishes before they left!

Happy birthday, Motorcycle Man!

Yesterday was Motorcycle Man's birthday. So after a tour of the Jelly
Belly factory, we went out to dinner. Landed at The Blue Frog. Of
course he had to kiss it for good luck!


Mom and Motorcycle Man and I started our trip to Napa yesterday with a
stop for Thai food in Dublin. Bankok 101. Maybe it was named 101
because that was also the temperature there.