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Wedding Photos

Photos are up! There are two pages, so make sure you check out both of them. Here are a couple teasers.

Outbreaks and Me

So I had totally forgotten, but I was in Windsor the week in March of 1996 when the British government shut down all consumption of beef because of Mad Cow Disease. All the fast food restaurants across from the castle closed for a day or two while they removed all their beef products and replaced them with fish and chicken. And the day before, I had been to McDonalds (please don’t tell anyone about my secret MickeyD’s cheeseburger cravings) and the paper placemats in the trays displayed how proud they were to be using all local ingredients.

Oh the irony.

I’m surprised that I wasn’t in Asia for the Avian Flu.

In Dallas

And I'm through customs. Don't have the swine flu as far as I know. Glad they didn't close the borders! More updates in a bit, now that I've reconnected to the internet!

Swine flu

On Friday, when we were driving around, we thought the traffic was bad, but I guess it wasn't. The Groom's brother didn't have to take a test at university because they had closed the school because of some flu. When we were eating lunch, the waitstaff were all given masks halfway through our meal. It was weird. We didn't know what was happening.

Saturday we found out all schools, kindergarten through university were closed. Guess that wasn't school traffic letting out on our way out of the city.

Today I'm at the airport. Everyone is wearing masks. It is weird. When I texted Curling Boy for a ride home tonight he said he hoped I hadn't caught the swine flu. I asked how bad is it. He said 70 dead and the US has a travel advisory against Mexico.

Well, too late now. Hope they let me out. My flight is already 40 minutes delayed.

Looking cool

In Mexico City

My carriage awaits

Since I'm still on this princess kick from March, here are the three princes with whom I toured Mexico City.

Fabulous day even if I was half asleep after the red eye.

Landed safely

But I had a bit of a scare. Just as we were descending, I started to pass out. My ears were ringing, everything was getting dark and it wasn't just because the lights were off.

I turned on the air and tried not to think about throwing up. I tried to stop thinking about how difficult customs would be if I keeled over in my seat. I wondered if I should tell the guy next to me. I did tell him after we landed and all he could say was, "I know."

I've never passed out, but I've come close twice before. Once was after having my eyes dialated and the other was when my cat bit me and I was on these crazy antibiotics. Right before it happened this time I woke up to find my contact was really dry and I was having a hard time seeing. Or I could be dehydrated from the sunburn. And then there were the two beers with my dinner salad.

I'm just not winning.