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We won!!

We finally won our first pub quiz night! After coming in second, and then third last week, we won by three points this week. We even aced a quiz about names of people from the bible used by rock bands. The answer to the first question (Judas Priest) we guessed after hearing the title of the quiz and before heating the question. The last question we managed to guess right. Do you know which book in the old testament is alphabetically first and the name of a female rock pianist? No fair googling!

And the best part, besides Lilly Macs giving us $50 off our bill for coming in first, is that I’m in bed by 2230.


Quiz Night

Not that I want you all to know where I’m hanging out, since I have an unsubstantiated fear of stalkers, but I have to share because I’m so excited about it. Lilly Mac’s on Murphy Street has started Pub Quiz Night on Wednesday nights at 7:30. I was here, with an unsuspecting date, for the first one. Poor guy didn’t know what he was getting into, but he took it in stride when he walked in and I told him to hush up so I could hear the questions. I swear, I’m not competitive.

Anyhoo, it was a blast. Made me think of the couple times I went with Pocket Watch Man to quiz night in Windsor, England while I was working there. Of course, I absolutely failed at British pop culture, but it was so much fun!

So please, come out and play!

Sticking with the diet

I didn’t make this dinner. I found myself at Lily Macs again. Have another blog post I want to write. But since Ronzilla made fun of me not eating, I had to get dinner. Salmon, cous cous, cucumber, corn and pepper. Okay, so maybe the martini isn’t in the diet. Whatever.

Lily Mac’s Irish Bar and Restaraunt

I have been looking for my very own Cheers bar. The kind where everyone knows your name. (Although Brother K reminds me that none of the regulars in Cheers were female. How sexist!) I think I might have finally found it at Lily Mac’s on Murphy Street in Sunnyvale.

I have visited three times. The first time, I was there to write Goodbye and Goodnight, Uncle George. I had three Guinness—one for me, one for Uncle George, and one for Dad. Sorry, but I couldn’t bear to drink Dad and George’s drink of choice—Budweiser.

That night I also sampled the cuisine. We had a bit of a mixup, as I had asked Fiona for Steak Bites and Fries, but she had entered Shepherd’s Pie. A totally reasonable mistake. And it was fixed immediately and without hassle. And I have to say, the steak bites with the pesto dipping sauce were fabulous!

I returned a week later, again on a Monday night, to see if I still liked the place when I wasn’t typing madly on my computer before the battery died. Sure enough, I love the way that they have decorated, although I will agree with others that the acoustics are a bit echoey for my taste, it is still a great looking pub. They do need to add coat hooks under the bar though. I had only gone in for a pint, but stayed almost til closing after two pints and a shot of Irish whiskey.

On my third visit, tonight, I brought a couple friends. Michael, the bartender from the second visit recognized me by name. Tonight, I had the Pear and Arugula Salad, although the arugula had been replaced by salted spinach. It included a strong blue cheese, and I have to admit, it was the best salad I have eaten in a while. I devoured it. And I think it didn’t stray too much from my new year’s resolution, although the two Guinness certainly did. Good news is that I should be able to burn it off by running two miles in the morning.

So when you get a chance, stop by Lily Mac’s. Maybe if enough people tell them I sent them, then I can earn some free pints or something. ;-)

Surprise ending

I’ve been so productive over the last few days. Painted my bedroom, cleaned out my closet, and gone through a bag full of mail that I’ve ignored for a couple months.

Then I went to Sent Sovi for bbum’s continued birthday. Sadly, this required showering and putting on clothes that I hadn’t been wearing for days.

Because of the extrodinary effort I had put forth for dinner, I decided to go out after. So I went to my new favorite Irish pub for a pint of Guinness.

I paid the bartender for the pint because I would not be staying for more than that one. Then the bartender decided he and I would do a shot of whiskey.

Then the guys beside me decided I would do another. I traded it for another Guinness.

And now, three drinks later, I’m home at 2 am.

I guess it is vacation.