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Cousin C’s Surprise 40th Birthday Party

The whole reason for going to New England for Thanksgiving was for this party. How could I miss an opportunity to get together with iDad’s side of the family? It was well worth the trip.

These aren’t my best photos, but there are a lot of them. You can find the full set on My Gallery, but here are the teasers.

Cousin C was surprised—mostly that his boys could keep a secret this big!

There was a good bit of dancing done by all. I have the blisters to prove it!

In addition to dancing, there might have been some drinking and some goofing around. Especially by my siblings and myself. If you get to the end of the full album, you can find the photos where Sister-In-Law T tried to convince me that I could lick my elbow or touch my elbows behind my back. I’m still convinced I can do it.

Just one word says it all. “Gov-nah!”

And apologies to Aunt K who wanted to stay up and party into the wee hours of the morning. As I explained, most of my adventures happen before midnight. Otherwise I turn into a pumpkin. ;-)

Photos from Frankie’s Memorial Service

I felt a little awkward taking photos at a memorial service, but there were so many memories there. So hopefully, I will be forgiven for that—and for not using a flash, which produced a bunch of blurry photos.

I’ve attached a few below, but you can find all of them in My Gallery

Promising peanut allergy treatment

Recently, Sparkles and my Life Partner discovered that Baby Sparkles has an allergy to tree nuts. It wasn’t too severe, but they were told that it could become worse with time.

Today, the NYTimes reports that scientists at Duke University and Arkansas Children’s Hospital are working on a treatment that involved giving children very small doses of peanuts at an increasing daily rate. Eventually, the children built up tolerance to peanuts. A similar study using peanuts and a placebo is being conducted in Britain.

It makes me wonder if telling parents and pregnant women to avoid nuts is causing children to not build up normal tolerances. I couldn’t find any studies on a first pass, but I don’t know of anyone in my parent’s or grandparent’s generation with a peanut allergy. I guess the reason could be that they were miscarried or died mysteriously as children. But it does make me wonder.

MobileMe Gallery – Life Partner’s Florida Photos

Here is a link to Life Partner's Florida photos. She got some great
ones during the race!


I have a couple hours to kill at MCO before meine Schwester und meine Life Partner show up. So how am I spending the time?

I just killed an hour and a half getting a mani/pedi (and charging my iPhone, w00t!). And now, since none of my foodie friends are around to give me shit about it in person, I am having a margarita and quesadillas at Chili's. I'm sure I will hear no end of grief about this, but look! My nails match the chambord in the margarita! ;-)

Besides, I am going to Disney World. Homeland of consumerism at it's best. So be quiet and let me enjoy my gigantic drink!

Move over bacon!

Mom and Motorcycle Man left tonight. We had a wonderful trip. Lots of fun in Napa and Muir Woods. A couple good relaxing days in the south bay.

Civil Sarah and Life Partner: you all better watch out. Mom and Motorcycle Man might become my favorite guests. They washed all the sheets and towels and dishes before they left!

The Running Revolution

I hate shopping.

It is no secret. Drives me crazy. But I wrote before that there are some experiences that make it better. This is one of those cases.

Thursday morning, I went to The Running Revolution when they opened, figuring it might not be too busy then. True enough. Tim and Chris are like the Click and Clack of running. Quite entertaining. Tim helped me find the right pair of shoes. He checked my arches, watched me walk barefoot, asked what size shoe I normally buy, then went into the back room. This isn’t the kind of place where you pick your shoes by brand and color. Tim came back out with a pair of shoes for me to try. A size bigger than I normally buy because people don’t factor in how much their feet swell while running. This pair happened to be a really great color and look.

I walked around in them for a while and told him what was good and bad about them. He came back out with a different pair of shoes. Not as pretty. I walked around with two different shoes on, then replaced the first pair with another pair. Finally decided on the second pair of shoes.

I put both of the Brooks Adrenaline 8 on my feet. Then we went outside with the video camera where he recorded me running. Focused right in on my feet, we watched it in slow motion. I ran straight, good foot placement. No funny quirks or rolling. He confirmed everything Sister-In-Law D said while she was here.

He proclaimed these were my new shoes and I purchased them. Ran two and a half miles in them today. Someone asked how my blisters were. What blisters? The shoes were as if I’d had them for weeks already. Amazing.

If you need new sneakers, I can’t recommend this place more. The consultation is completely free. The sneakers were actually cheaper than I see them online right now (I’d expected I’d be paying more!). And I was convinced that they know what they are doing. The important thing is to make sure that you really pay attention to how your feet feel in the sneakers and be able to verbalize that.

We will see how my nine miles this weekend goes and if I still love my shoes after that.


Dropped off The Kid and Her Mom at the airport an hour ago. Her Dad finally coughed up the ransom. Time to send ’em home. Walked the dog, started laundry, got into my pjs. Perl is curled up on my right, Pablo stretched out on my left. All is back to normal.

Damn it is quiet. I miss The Little Monster already.

Watched them go through security. Walked past a USO group waiting to greet incoming troops. Slowed down and thought about joining. What could be better after losing a talkative child than gaining a hot soldier? Get right back onto the horse. Transition immediately back into my normal routine of randomness. Couldn’t do it. Need some time to rest after saying bye to The Pink Alien.

I also miss my new life partner, aka, Sister-In-Law D. Funny, but around here, two women with a child look like a lesbian couple and their sperm donor offspring. Guess my egg didn’t take because The Kid definitely looks like her mother. Finally had to send her home too because she just wasn’t putting out. Geezus, I can’t get any action around here.

There are a lot of things I learned this week. Here are a few.

1. The Kid asks to go to sleep. Strapped into her car seat, we hear, “Can I go to sleep?” As soon as you tell her yes, her thumb is in her mouth for a minute and then she passes out. Her thumb is never in her mouth unless she plans on sleeping. Bad news was she asked as we were driving to the airport and I only live about 15 minutes away.

2. Mommy is Queen. As long as Mommy is around, Mommy has to “do it,” whatever it is at the time. Buckle or unbuckle the car seat, hold her hand, etc. Occasionally, she settled for Aunt K, but it was few and far between. However, whenever Mommy was out of the picture, I was a perfectly fine representative.

3. The Kid likes walking the dog. Thank goodness Perl doesn’t pull much when she is in her harness because The Kid always had to hold the leash. Conveniently, whenever The Kid didn’t want to go the way I suggested, I could tell Perl and she would drag The Kid along without a tantrum. Tonight’s walk was pretty lonely.

4. The Kid didn’t have jetlag. I was nervous. If the kid gets up at 6 am on the east coast, would she get up at 3 am on the west coast? Nope. Both she and Mommy woke with the sun, which lucky for me, doesn’t get up until 7 am right now and is the same time my pets wake. Sleeping schedule as normal. Except for last night when I went to bed at 9:45 pm and The Kid stayed up another 45 minutes.

5. The Kid loves to hear herself talk. She talks constantly. Unless she is watching TV. And she is fascinated with dancing in front of mirrors. This was a problem in the bathroom where she would start dancing and forget why she was there.

That is all for now. I’ll add more when I remember. For now though, I’m exhausted and going to sleep.

Another Play Date

I went to work today, but Sister-In-Law D, and Niece G (aka The Kid. Okay, so I didn’t really kidnap a kid and hold her hostage. They are just visiting.) met up with Kennedy and The 3 Kiddos for a day at The Discovery Museum. They had a blast, and The Kid passed out at 9 pm. Earliest she has been to bed yet. Makes me nervous for how early she will get up. She’s managed to sleep until 7 am every day. Even 8 am one day. You can’t begin to understand how happy that makes me since that is when Perl normally gets up. The Kid has had absolutely no problem with jet lag. Not sure how she will be with the ride home though.

Camera Practice

Took my camera out for a little practice before Sister-In-Law D and Niece G arrive. I still need a lot of work, but you can see a couple more photos in the Camera Practice album.