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Fly VirginAmerica

Always looking for my new favorite airline, I’m finally trying out VirginAmerica today. I’m on a direct flight from SFO to JFK. I was excited to find out that they use the International Terminal at SFO, since I do love that terminal.

Next was the boarding pass. I like to use the kiosks at the airport. It is the whole reason that I love e-tickets; I never forget my ticket at home. The ticket I received is 4 inches by 3 inches and only contains the most pertinent information and a bar code. It was sweet and simple, and just something small, but it made me smile.

Since VirginAmerica charges its coach class passengers $20 to check a bag, I packed in my carry-on bag. But I was grateful when I arrived at the gate and was offered to have my bag checked for free. This was a necessity due to the number of bags in the waiting area.

As a result of the checked carry-on bags, they loaded the plane first with first class passengers and passengers with children under 5. Then they invited everyone who had only under-the-seat bags. Brilliant! I didn’t have to wait for all the people trying to jam their luggage in the overhead compartments. I was grateful!

On the plane, I enjoyed the mood lighting. I felt like I was going into a club, but it was difficult to see which direction the electrical outlet aligned, and it didn’t work the first six times I tried plugging it in. But the fact that I have an electrical outlet at all is fabulous! And today, thanks to Google, we have free wifi.

The entertainment system is pretty cool. I feel like there are fewer tv stations than on JetBlue, but I like how VirginAmerica has the remote control inset into the arm so that I don’t change the channel and the volume with my elbow. And the entertainment system has a bunch of other features, including onboard chat, which I have not been using. Maybe I should be. Is there a dating chat room?

Although the design is better with the VirginAmerica seats, the outlets being on the back of the seat next to the tv was more convenient on Singapore Airlines. Sometimes form and function don’t play nice together.

Just like JetBlue, I love the leather seats. Warm, and easy to see if the previous occupant spilled something. I think that JetBlue has more legroom though.

Overall? I’ll probably still fly JetBlue most of the time because I can catch flights out of San Jose, but VirginAmerica is a viable alternative.

JetBlue, please give me back SJC to BOS direct flights when the new terminal is done, okay? Pretty please! I do love T5 in JFK, but I’d rather just get home.


I left JFK Airport for the first time ever!

I’m scared of NYC. I’ve been here once or twice, but never flew in and never tried to take public transportation. I’ve been to the airport too many times to count. And I love coming here to JetBlue’s T5.

At 7 am, I dragged my drowsy ass off the plane. I followed signs for the AirTrain. I arrived at Jamaica Station. I bought a ticket for the LIRR, but I forgot to buy a ticket to get me out of the AirTrain. Same problems I have in SF sometimes.

I boarded the train to Penn Station moments before the door closed. I lucked out because it was an express.

I did miss the 8 am train to Albany, but it gave me time to get a NY style bagel from Zaro’s. I’m not thrilled. The cream cheese just seems lacking. Otherwise, it seems just like the bagels I get at work, only more expensive.

So here I sit in the waiting area. Women keep glaring at me because wearing boots and a heavy sweater was a little too much, so I took off the sweater. In the middle of NY where everyone is bundled up, i’m just wearing a tank top. I considered taking off the sweater when I was on the train and holding onto a pole. Thought a Wednesday morning strip tease might be in order, but it didn’t seem sexy to take off a bulky sweater.

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Never a dull moment

You would all be highly disappointed if my travel today were completely uneventful, so here I go.

Concord Trailways got me to Logan on time and without incident. JetBlue got me loaded on the plane, in time, and ready to go. That is where the trouble began.

First off, I’m not looking forward to the flight because I’m pretty sure there are three pets on the plane. One guy has a carrier covered in a blanket, and then there is a Jamaican family with two Chihuahuas. The Chihuahuas are across the aisle from me, and it is a small plane, only four seats across. You know I love pets, but I feel bad for them when they have to fly. And I worry unnecessarily, even though they aren’t mine.

Then there was the woman who raised her hand when the attendant asked if there was anyone on the plane not going to JFK. She had just misheard him.

Then there was a brief dispute about what kinds of snacks were available in this flight. It was resolved quickly.

And then we deboarded the plane.

No, I didn’t forget to mention take off or turbulance or landing because I didn’t experience any of that.

There are four flights to JFK today. The last two are already cancelled. When I had checked in, I was warned to watch for delays. Then I saw the weather talking about golf ball-sized hail around NYC. When we got on our plane, I was certain they were trying to get us there before the weather started. But JFK stopped us before we could leave the gate.

To JetBlue’s credit, knowing the wait is about an hour and that there will be landing delays and time to get us back in the takeoff line, they let us deboard. And I know they can’t control the weather. Some passengers are not as laid back about it all as I am. I feel bad for the crew having to deal with angry people.

So I got off and saw there is a flight later to Oakland. After acquiring an iced vanilla latte, I returned to the gate and inquired as to switching to that flight. The attendant thought it was a reasonable request, however, the flight is sold out.

So now I wait with the contents of my plane to hear back from New York. I will keep you posted.

We are boarding again.