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Beautiful day

For nine holes of golf before work.

Golfer K and I landed in the same sandtrap.

Christmas Party

Went to a Christmas party at Golfer K’s house. A fun time as always with a bunch of Stanford grad students. At least they are older than most of the interns. And for the most part straight, just a bit geeky. But then again, so am I.

Hung out with my usual suspects. Managed to ignore most of the other people until about midnight when I ran from the kitchen to hide in the living room. What was I running from? My sarcastic mouth was getting me in trouble with the host again. She was threatening not to invite me to the next party. It wasn’t until later that I remembered I’d already told her I couldn’t make it to the next party because I probably already had plans.

I was also running away from Sports Reporter Guy, who managed to find me anyways. I’m sure he is a nice enough guy, but comes on way too strong. Or I wasn’t interested. Hard to tell the difference. That and Spoiled Brat Guy. When he showed up to the party and said hi, I told him it was nice to see him again. He didn’t think that we had met. As I was leaving the party, I reminded him that I’d met him at the Ok Go concert in the city. I didn’t remind him that he had been talking to me there until he ditched me for Hot Chick at the bar. S’ok, Hot Chick probably was more likely to put out than I was.

Well, when I retreated to the living room, I met Yelptard Dude. He was cute, entertaining, and had a girlfriend. Next! There was Recycled Dinnerware Girl. She had a soft, high-pitched voice that made me wonder if someone was grabbing her ass the whole night. Very sweet girl and excited about her job. She was excited that our kitchen at work has switched their throw-away dishes to the ones her company makes. I am too because they are all recycled materials and I don’t feel so bad to use them when I need to eat in my office.

Last, but certainly not least, was Bicycle Man. Turns out that his brother was a year behind me in college. I’m not sure we ever met, but we could have. So Bicycle Man is a mechanical engineer, attractive, and seemed to be single, at least at the party. He is a bit soft spoken, but was good at holding a conversation. He works on solar panels. He is active in the local bicycle coalition where he lives, which is a couple hours away. He seems to ride his bike everywhere. Wears sandals while I’m wearing turtlenecks and sweaters. Turns out he was vegan for a year and tries to be as much as possible. Definitely vegetarian. And he just left for a buddhist retreat. And to top it off, his facebook status says, “In an Open Relationship.”

Truthfully, I’m not sure where that puts him on the chart. He definitely made it on the radar, but there are some interesting outliers in the equation. I’ll keep you posted on this one.