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Video of my par swing

Golf Buddy M took a video of that par shot. She says that next time she will follow the ball. ;-)

Round 2 with the new clubs

Played golf this morning with Golf Buddy M and her friend. I would have had a bogey on my first hole if I didn’t count the first bad tee shot that I redid. I made par on the last two holes. The 17th hole is 97 yards, so I was on the green with an 8 iron and then two putted. The 18th hole is 148 yards. I used my 4 iron. It was an amazingly beautiful shot, up in the air, and landing on the green just feet away from the hole as you can see…

Sadly, I two putted again or else this would have been my first birdie. Still waiting for that.

I tried Golf Buddy M’s driver on two holes. It went amazingly straight, but I still need to figure out how to get it to go up in the air and get some distance. At least I didn’t have to go fish any of my new pink balls (to go with my pink bag!) out of the bushes!

This round’s Scorecard results. I’ve found a few bugs with the software, but they said they’d try to fix them soon.

On the last hole, Golf Buddy M told us about being on the course one day when her buddy asked, “Is this the last hole?” She turned around and said, “No, you’re an asshole!” =)

And before I forget, on Tuesday during league, we played with Indian Jimmy. Little did we know that the father of one of our league players is famous on YouTube! As a side note, his name is Indian Jimmy because he rides an Indian Motorcycle as you can see here.

First round with the new clubs

And I got a bogey and two pars! My other holes all sucked, but there is hope for me yet. I won’t be going pro anytime soon, but with more practice, I should at least be able to play a round without embarrassing myself completely.

To help me keep track of my progress, I’m trying out an iPhone/Mac app: Scorecard. I enter data on my phone as I play.

Then sync it with my computer. Then I can export my round to a web page so that you all can critique what I’ve done.

And to make the day slightly better, I tried to pay for my clubs today, but the guy was out on the course. When I got in, he was already gone. So I’m still playing with free clubs. I’ll have to pay eventually because he is holding my sand wedge hostage. Luckily, it was unnecessary today.