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Swine flu

On Friday, when we were driving around, we thought the traffic was bad, but I guess it wasn't. The Groom's brother didn't have to take a test at university because they had closed the school because of some flu. When we were eating lunch, the waitstaff were all given masks halfway through our meal. It was weird. We didn't know what was happening.

Saturday we found out all schools, kindergarten through university were closed. Guess that wasn't school traffic letting out on our way out of the city.

Today I'm at the airport. Everyone is wearing masks. It is weird. When I texted Curling Boy for a ride home tonight he said he hoped I hadn't caught the swine flu. I asked how bad is it. He said 70 dead and the US has a travel advisory against Mexico.

Well, too late now. Hope they let me out. My flight is already 40 minutes delayed.