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Happy Birthday, Chickpea!

Went out tonight for cake and champagne to celebrate Chickpea’s 25th. Then someone brought out Rockband. It started with me getting 100% on Wonderwall, although it was on medium. Sometime in the middle, I sang Psycho Killer, but forget that the version I prefer is done by Moxy Frovous and so I don’t really know the song except for the chorus, and I don’t speak French. We just ended with me singing another Oasis song, Don’t Look Back in Anger. I only scored 85% this time, but it was on hard.

Probably a good thing I got rid of the Wii or my neighbors would be tired of hearing me sing!

Hope you had a good birthday, Chickpea! And sorry it involved me singing!

Wedding photos

Check out the full set of Civil Sarah and Rollerboy’s wedding photos in mygallery.

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Civil Sarah and Rollerblading Boy’s Wedding

I arrived at the airport early, so I’ve already filtered through the photos. Seems someone thought it was a good idea to put wifi on the plane, so here are some teaser photos from Civil Sarah and Rollerblading Boy’s wedding. The rest of the photos will be up as soon as I have more bandwidth.

These were on the groom’s cake. Aren’t they cute?

The Bride and Groom. Are you sure they are old enough to get married? What is the age for marriage in Texas anyways?

What are you looking at, Buster? Just because I was taking a photo of your wife’s bum doesn’t mean you can be a bum looker, you cheeky monkey!

Uh oh. What did she get herself into?

Caught taking photos!

Do fathers ever look as proud as they do during the father-daughter dance at their daughter’s wedding?

The rest of the California crew—my partners in crime.

They were making fun of me saying that all the photos of me are with a camera in front of my face. This is nothing new!

I hate using the flash. As a result, many of my photos are way too fuzzy to be any good. But I like the effect of movement. And I don’t like the harsh light my flash produces. The problem is worse when I hand my camera to someone else. However, you can see the dress I bought today. Decided I wanted something new to wear to the wedding, so I found a mall on the GPS and bought a dress within an hour. Cut off the tags and put it on in the bathroom. I actually bought two dresses because they were on sale. Now I have to find a reason to wear the other one.