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The August 5 (and a half) and Mission Peak

The August 5 lbs challenge is officially over. The tally this morning was 5.6 lbs! I didn’t reach my stretch goal of 7, but at least I comfortably made the 5! Woot!

With one virtual sugar bag less than I was carrying around with me a month ago, l’avocat suggested we hike Mission Peak this morning. I was slow, but eventually made it to the top. Three miles of steep up hill, then back down. I’m now safely laying on a towel in the backyard while Perl runs around. Trying desperately not to fall asleep under the tree. If you can’t find me later, please come wake me and gather my dog.

Here are some photos from the way up and the top.






Tahoe Ski Trip

A couple of weeks ago, a group of us went up to Tahoe for a ski trip. I didn’t actually ski, I cooked. I played cook for the weekend. Three breakfasts, a big dinner, and leftovers for lunch cost everyone $17 per person. Pretty good deal if you ask me. And everyone helped with the preparation and cleaning. It was fun. Cooking dinner for 9 people took a lot of effort. Good thing the house we rented had huge pots and pans.

You can find the full set of photos on my MobileMe page.

Ginko Biloba

Image from Greenspade.

I saw a tree like this while “walking the dog” today. It was the sun, brought down to earth, on an otherwise dreary day. The colors on the trees and on the ground this morning were spectacular.

A difference between fall here and on the East Coast is that we don’t get a lot of wind, so the leaves don’t mix. And since the leaves of all the trees don’t fall at the same time, I’ll see a tree spread its color from the sky above to the ground directly below. Ten feet away will be a different color. And then another. And then another.

You’d think, coming from Maine, I’d be better at recognizing species of trees, but I seem to lack this ability. Of course, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ginko biloba tree in Maine, so that might be why it took me some researching to find it. I’m not usually a fan of trees that turn yellow. The trees that people normally “oooh” and “aaaah” over are often the reds and oranges of maple trees. But the Ginko Biloba tree, standing alone in all of its yellow glory, was spectacular. It made me appreciate yellow trees in the fall.

By the way, this has been my view for the last week.

Fall Colors

Every year, East Coasters ask again, “Don’t you miss the fall colors and crisp weather?”

No, no I don’t. East Coasters mistakenly think that all of California is like San Diego. It isn’t. It would take me almost 8 hours (of driving the speed limit) to drive to San Diego.

We get seasons in Northern California, but they are much more muted than the extreme ranges experienced by the East Coast. Our fall includes leaves turning colors and dropping, however, instead of it all happening within a two-week “leaf peeping” season, it takes almost two months to lose all of our leaves. And they do change color. Each species of tree changes color at different times. It seems that the maples are turning right now. I call the Japanese Maple the Firework Tree because the leaves are amazing colors and range from green to yellow to orange to red all in the same tree.

Here are some more of the wonderful trees that are turning this week, and one of the best parts is that when the trees are losing their leaves, others things are growing!

Reasons I don’t live in New England

Saw this on this morning and it made me laugh. It is wicked accurate!

epic fail pictures
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Fall foliage

I know that New Englanders will all tell me that the only place for leaf peeping is in the northeast, but California has it’s own special fall season. Instead of all the leaves turning and falling at once, they change by variety by week. So each week, while walking the dog, I will discover a new tree is losing it’s leaves. This one is pure fireworks. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

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Crazy weather, part two

Forgot to send the link of the tree we lost in front of my place from the storm on Friday.

See, we do have weather. Check back next year for the next weather update.

BTW, I had lunch outside today like I do almost every day. Just wanted to rub it in a little. :-)