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The wait

20111001-232051.jpgThe wait begins. I’ve found myself some Irish cheese and merlot. Living in the Bay Area means I have access to all this great food all the time, so I just found something in the UK that I could eat while waiting. I figured I need the calcium.

Speaking of my fracture, as I was sitting on the park bench waiting for the park to reopen, an attractive couple approached; she in the wheelchair, he pushing. I asked what had happened and she explained. Then they asked me. That stopped him in his tracks. He had the same fracture. On one foot it took four months to heal. The other took six.

Four months? Are you kidding?

He told me that the fifth metatarsal and another bone in your wrist are the two slowest to heal because they get the least blood flow.


We all moved on. The bartender has been very friendly. I was walking with both crutches in one hand and carrying the cheese in another. So he put the wine on a table next to him and we’ve been chatting. But now it is time for me to move on. He is getting busy and the first round should be getting here.

Oh, and yes, this is a night race. It started at 10pm. I was not waiting on a park bench until the park opened in the morning.

Where there’s one

…there’s three. As I was wandering aimlessly in the time between park closing and park reopening, a cleaning guy stopped me and pointed out the rabbit. You can see the shadow.

20111001-215115.jpgThen he pointed to a second one. I pointed and said “When there’s two, there’s three,” when I saw a third by the bush. He says they come out when the park closes, hoping to get scraps before everything is cleaned up.

Luckily, Nemi isn’t here since she would probably try to kill it. Earlier today we found this interesting big red bug crawling around in Animal Kingdom. As soon as we pointed it out, she stomped to kill it. When we all yelled, “No,” she said to me, “but it was out of its cage.” We’d just been visiting a display of insects and arachnids. Luckily, she missed.

On another note, I watched the fireworks with a lovely pregnant lady from outside Atlanta. She was supposed to run the race but is due next month. Her husband sprained an ankle in sympathy, so he couldn’t run either. She said I could join them, but I’m rather enjoying my independence.

The park closed after the fireworks. Now I’m hanging out on a bench hoping they don’t make me go back out of the park before it reopens at 10:30.

It seems unlikely.

Bay to Breakers

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Crabtacular VIII

I didn’t bring my camera, but it seems that during the night I stole Pixar’s camera and decided to take portrait shots. I think I can be blamed for shots 17 and later. I don’t recall taking those photos of pie, but they are in the middle of the other photos I took.

Baby Shower

This is a picture of a Boo Boo Bunny. Mom introduced me to these for my Life Partner’s baby shower. Everyone thought I was Martha Stewart because yesterday, I recreated them for a baby shower for Travel Buddy. Check out My Gallery for the photos. You can ask me for the username and password.

This morning, I had a totally whacked out dream. I was pregnant. NSBindings was the father. This is the problem with having a baby shower at work. I have no idea how this could possibly have happened, but I was trying to debug how it had occurred. Then I found myself in the hospital getting an epidural (because they’d been mentioned during the day and I’m petrified of the needle in my back). Only the epidural was just a big plunger into a line into my arm. And while no one was looking, I gave it to myself. Then I blacked out for a while. When I woke up I was convinced that my child had been born and was this blond year old girl walking around the delivery room. I got into a fight with the guy pretending to be the father. Then I was standing outside and this couple came up to me. They also had just had a kid, but they were moving to Africa to volunteer for some super important program.

That was when I decided this was completely ridiculous and I decided to wake up.

House of Fun

I went to Drinking Buddy and his wife’s house for a housewarming party tonight. I was having a great time drinking their awesome margaritas, eating from the fantastic spread of food (the dolmas were my favorite), enjoying the music that would occasionally remind me of the days of rollerskating or bowling as a kid, and having pleasant conversation with coworkers and neighbors.

And then it happened.

The party turned up to eleven.

We found the trampoline in the backyard.

It took me a few minutes of watching the others before I could convince myself to join. It looked like so much fun, but I am such a scaredy cat. I’ve only been on a trampoline once or twice before and was petrified.

I removed my boots and hopped through the wet grass. There was no going back.

The first few bounces scared the hell out of me when my feet left the security of the material. I squeaked. I squealed. I laughed so hard my abs hurt. I couldn’t stop laughing. I jumped harder. I bounced on my butt. I laughed more as I was bounced around by others bouncing.

They all tried to convince me to do a flip, but I was too scared. They showed me how. Flip from your knees. Flip standing up. Flip backwards. It was all too much for me, but I laughed like nothing mattered. I felt free.

Disney Bachelorette Party

Here are a few sample photos. For the full public set, see Disney Bachelorette Party. For the private set, see Disney Bachelorette Party Take 2. Use the bride-to-be’s first name for the username and last name for the password (all lower case). P.S. If you know me in meat space, ask and I’ll tell you the username and password. =)

I’m sorry I didn’t try out my new speed light until this weekend. A few of these pictures could have used better lighting.

Don’t laugh, this is very serious stuff! I was much better by the sixth round.

Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival

It is a warm and sunny day here in Sunnyvale, California. The construction on Murphy Street is now complete and the roads are filled with people and vendors with colorful umbrellas and arts and crafts for sale. If you are looking for something to do today or tomorrow, come on down! It is right next to the train station for your convenience.

Dim Sum

Finally met up with one of my kids today. She is in Cali for a little while and we’ve been trying to get together. So I asked around for dim sum recommendations in SF, and the resounding answer was Yank Sing. It was good, but a bit pricey. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a cheap dim sum place.

It was great seeing her again! Five years later and so much is different, but so much is the same as well.

I do miss my kids.

BBQ & Cranium

Favorite quotes of the night:

A penis needs to grab that last cupcake. Now!

Hrm…there was something that I said, but I don’t remember what it was. And my theory is that if I can’t remember it later, then it wasn’t memorable enough to be blogged/tweeted anyways. Maybe someone else will remember.

Disclaimer: No cupcakes were harmed in the making of this party.