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Mid way through

Still no toilet. But the electrical is mostly done. Walls are up. Contractor was worried because when he got in on Thursday, Pablo was sleeping behind the shower pipes. It would suck if he was walled in.

Luckily, I saw Pablo for dinner last night.

Still no toilet. It really sucked waking up at 6 am and really having to pee. Decided to walk the dog then anyways.

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Intern’s Going Away Cake

I know you have all been holding your breath in anticipation of the final product. I know I was, mainly because I was doing my best not to cough, sneeze, or touch the product. I think it is free of my germs.

This cake has not made my neighbors happy. I didn’t know what was involved in making a buttercream frosting. I didn’t realize how much mixing I would have to do. Starting it at 2300 and having the mixer on for half an hour could not have made them happy.

I had to make a meringue. It never did peak like it should have. Maybe my mixer was too high or too low. It foamed, and I had soft peaks for a while, but it never climaxed at stiff peaks. I thought about adding Viagra.

The recipe says that it will curdle at some point, and then come back together in the end. It also mentions keeping it cool, so I was precariously balancing the bowl on top of a bag of ice while holding the blender in one hand and a using the other to toss in tablespoon chunks of butter.

It curdled and was not coming back.

That is when I gave up and threw it in the fridge. I used the time to clean while I tried to figure out what to do. It made me angry to think I had failed. How did people do this in the old days before electricity? A whisk. So I took the bowl out of the fridge and started beating it with a plastic whisk. I beat it so hard that the whisk broke.

I’ve been meaning to buy a wire whisk. Guess I will have to now. And wow, those colonial people must have had some awesome biceps! I’ll hurt later, but it worked! The buttercream frosting came together!

So I assembled the spice cake with layers of caramelized pears and maple buttercream frosting. Now I know why there were no pictures of this cake in epicurious. It is fugly. I tried to dress it up with the maple sugar candy I brought back from Maine. It didn’t really help.

I’ve tasted all the pieces, and each individually is pretty good. Guess we will see tomorrow how it tastes all together. Hopefully Intern will like his cake. I probably should have stuck with something that I knew how to make, but he said to surprise him. This will teach him to make a decision next time. ;-)

Go to for the recipe.

Another fabulous dinner

I’m still working through the amazing menu at Lily Macs. Tonight was the gnocchi pesto. I still haven’t made it to breakfast yet. Trying to convince myself that stuffed apple French toast is appropriate with beer.

Even better was the company! Introduced Curling Boy and Intern’s parents to my local Irish pub. (Intern has already been here, see karaoke night.) We enjoyed pints of Guinness and an always fabulous meal.

And sadly, come Monday, Intern will need a new name. I think he is jealous that there will soon be a new intern trying to full his shoes.

Getting old

We all have those days where we start to feel the effects of getting old. Something happens. Today was one of those days.

For Meine Schwester, it was the realization that her 20/20 vision is gone. She can’t read the slides on the projector screen. Of course, this would be solved if their presentations were a little more zen, but they aren’t. She tried to convince me that she only needs glasses for reading the slides, but not for driving. She is sorely wrong.

For Coworker Blondie, it was the discovery that the the first bondi blue imac came out a decade ago. He exclaimed that this made him feel old. I concurred and said that I’d been out of school for two years when that first cuddly iMac appeared. With a slightly confused look, he said that he still had two years of high school left then. I admitted that I’d been out of college for two years. His confusion grew as he added up how much older I am.

Once Blondie was over the basic shock of how I don’t look my age, we went back to oogling the hot maintenance worker with the ladder and a bottle of oil. Maintenance Man caught us starring and giggling like little school girls. We still don’t know if Maintenance Man smiled and said hi to Blondie or me. Maybe he swings both ways? Not with my luck.

My turn for feeling my age came this evening. I was supposed to go to a party tonight. I’ve been awake since 7 am. I worked all day. Worked so much that I barely left my office. I’d had a coffee in the morning and half a salad near 2 pm. We had a beer bash in the afternoon, but I never got there. At 8:30 pm I finally checked in my changes and went home. At 9:30 pm, Perl and I went to In’n’Out Burger when I realized I’d barely eaten today. And all I want now is to go to sleep.

Parties in the city that start at 9 pm are for 20-somethings. A decade ago, I would have gone no matter how tired I am. But now I know that I’ll have a hard time keeping my eyes open on the ride home. And I’ll be dreaming of my pillow as I yawn and try to keep my eyes from flittering. And it is harder knowing that I’d be doing the drive all alone.

I’m sorry I am missing your fourth or fifth going-away party, dear former Intern. Maybe you can come have lunch before you go?

And with that, I’m going to sleep now. You can all tell me how lame I am, but I’m exhausted.

Ciao, Intern!

So, I survived the summer sharing my office with the Intern. To celebrate, I got him a little going away present.

You have to first understand, that one of Intern’s favorite expressions is, “Awesome Pants!” No, my coworkers and I have never figured out what this means, but at Intern’s lunch yesterday, we decided to google it. Sure enough there is an Awesome Pants website. I am warning you that you can not unsee that link once you click on it, and pants are not involved.

So you can only imagine, when I saw this bag, I knew that it was perfect for Intern. Well, at least nothing a Sharpie couldn’t fix. I filled it with M&Ms. Great minds think alike because Intern left me with two bags of M&Ms from him to me.

The other Intern-related office thing was that he will not swear. But he uses expletives. I’ve tried to explain that if you replace “shit” with “shoot”, then “shoot” is now equivalent to “shit” and he might as well just say “shit”. Of course, I guess this is the same as saying that NutraSweet is equal to Sugar, and I can tell you, there is absolutely no good replacement for sugar. But I digress.

When I found a congratulations card that had a swear word in it, I knew immediately that it was for Intern.

The card reads, “Congratulations on surviving a second summer as an intern and surviving sharing an office with me. And don’t forget: Profanity is the inevitable linguistic crutch of the inarticulate motherfucker. -Office Mate K”

I often use that phrase as my status message. Intern found it one day and laughed. Showed it to his housemate who adopted it for himself. It is one of my favorite sayings. I believe it was thwalker who gave it to me to use. According to The Google, it comes via Bruce Sherrod, whoever that may be.

Intern says he won’t be showing this card to his parents.

Christmas Party

Went to a Christmas party at Golfer K’s house. A fun time as always with a bunch of Stanford grad students. At least they are older than most of the interns. And for the most part straight, just a bit geeky. But then again, so am I.

Hung out with my usual suspects. Managed to ignore most of the other people until about midnight when I ran from the kitchen to hide in the living room. What was I running from? My sarcastic mouth was getting me in trouble with the host again. She was threatening not to invite me to the next party. It wasn’t until later that I remembered I’d already told her I couldn’t make it to the next party because I probably already had plans.

I was also running away from Sports Reporter Guy, who managed to find me anyways. I’m sure he is a nice enough guy, but comes on way too strong. Or I wasn’t interested. Hard to tell the difference. That and Spoiled Brat Guy. When he showed up to the party and said hi, I told him it was nice to see him again. He didn’t think that we had met. As I was leaving the party, I reminded him that I’d met him at the Ok Go concert in the city. I didn’t remind him that he had been talking to me there until he ditched me for Hot Chick at the bar. S’ok, Hot Chick probably was more likely to put out than I was.

Well, when I retreated to the living room, I met Yelptard Dude. He was cute, entertaining, and had a girlfriend. Next! There was Recycled Dinnerware Girl. She had a soft, high-pitched voice that made me wonder if someone was grabbing her ass the whole night. Very sweet girl and excited about her job. She was excited that our kitchen at work has switched their throw-away dishes to the ones her company makes. I am too because they are all recycled materials and I don’t feel so bad to use them when I need to eat in my office.

Last, but certainly not least, was Bicycle Man. Turns out that his brother was a year behind me in college. I’m not sure we ever met, but we could have. So Bicycle Man is a mechanical engineer, attractive, and seemed to be single, at least at the party. He is a bit soft spoken, but was good at holding a conversation. He works on solar panels. He is active in the local bicycle coalition where he lives, which is a couple hours away. He seems to ride his bike everywhere. Wears sandals while I’m wearing turtlenecks and sweaters. Turns out he was vegan for a year and tries to be as much as possible. Definitely vegetarian. And he just left for a buddhist retreat. And to top it off, his facebook status says, “In an Open Relationship.”

Truthfully, I’m not sure where that puts him on the chart. He definitely made it on the radar, but there are some interesting outliers in the equation. I’ll keep you posted on this one.

Silly interns

Woke this morning to find an email titled, “Spy shot of you training interns”.

And here I didn’t think anyone knew about that day.

Beach Birthday Bash

Spent last evening at Boony Doon Beach for a birthday party. The weather was absolutely fabulous for once—high 60’s. I brought lots of layers just in case and used them by evening, but was surprised that it wasn’t foggy and very cold.

Perl spent the first hour running along the beachfront barking and biting the water. The thing about Bonny Doon beach is that it is a nudist beach. The old naked men stuck to one area of the beach behind the big rock. Any time Perl ran that way I didn’t follow and was just hoping she wasn’t licking some old crinkly guy’s balls.

Here she is trying to drink ocean water. Lucky I brought her some fresh water of her own.

The rock was a bit hard to get up. I had to stay down below for the most part because any time I started climbing, she tried too. I know she could have gotten up there but I wasn’t sure that she could get back down. The guys said they could carry her back down, but I don’t think they understand how hard it is to carry 45 pounds of “wiggle.”

While I was sitting down below, I decided to pop open a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Sitting on the beach, watching the sunset, my dog running free. Until Park Ranger appeared. No one saw him coming. We think he just appeared out of thin air.

Park Ranger: “You are not allowed to have glass on the beach.”
Me: “I didn’t realize that sir.”
Park Ranger: “And no alcohol either.”
Me: “Sorry, sir. It is gone. I’ll put it away.”
Park Ranger: “You have to remove it from the beach.”
Me: “Yes sir.”
Park Ranger: “Now. There is a $1000 fine for glass or alcohol”
Me: “Yes sir. I’ll take it out now sir. Thank you sir.”

Of course, this whole time, I’m wondering when he is going to yell at me for my dog being off leash. Nothing. No mention of it at all. Perl is standing right there looking at him trying to decide if he is friend or foe. And he doesn’t seem to yell at anyone on the rock, but it is hard to see them from that angle. Nor does he scold the naked people. I wouldn’t want to go near them either.

Here is M with his gigantic camera, scaling the rock. He climbed out into some other precarious places and I’m curious to see what photos he got since mine were all from my cell phone and he was making fun of me for blogging from the beach.

If you look closely at the next photo, you can see everyone partying on top of the rock. They came down for a while and played frisbee and football. I had to quit playing frisbee because Perl was so tired she looked lost and confused, so I sat down with her for a while.

After frisbee, I met another girl who was unwilling to scale the rock. She and her boyfriend and I found another pair who were trying to start a fire off the rock. Of course we had an illegal fire on the rock too. Anything to taunt Park Ranger. We roasted sausages and drank beer in glass bottles while my dog ran around leashless. Overall, it was a great party. I met a couple new Interns and Grad Students. Even mixed in a few new people into the group. Hope they had fun, since I didn’t actually see them again after they climbed the rock.

Perl is exhausted today.

Mansion Party

Went to a Mansion Party last night. A group of people who all rent a mansion up on the hills. It was an incredible house. I can’t image coming home to that every night. A few of the highlight:

– J2 played the grand piano while people sang. It was great. Amazing how music makes me feel at home. Anyone who wants to come over and play guitar or piano for me, just let me know. I suppose I just need to learn myself.

– I still don’t completely understand Indian culture. Sure, I can watch all the Bollywood movies I want, but it is even better in real life. Baby S is having a baby dating crisis. Funny, though, I think we have some of the same problems. No….not the hitting on gay/taken men problem.

– A party is really a party when the cops show up and create a roadblock leaving the house. Guess they decided that the party should be over. I was hoping to meet a cute one, but they were gone by the time I left.

Met a bunch of cool people, mostly from work, and including a couple *gasp* interns. Seriously. Why do I always meet the interns? It doesn’t help my undeserved reputation any.

Photos from the concert

Went to an Ozomatli show recently. They were great. A mix of latin and rap. I danced up a storm with some of my coworkers and former intern. You can see more pictures here.