Recently, my friend—the ex-Mormon, mother of four, making up for lost time, high school friend of mine—has been blogging. It reminds me of me years ago. Back when I questioned everything. When I wondered why I was single. When I questioned my faith. When I was trying to find myself.

In the last few months, I’ve felt bored with myself. Now I realize why. I found myself. I am embracing my singleness. I am comfortable with my atheism, although I do love the new Pope. He rocks! But it won’t get me to go back.

I know who I am now. I’m comfortable. I’m happy. And that makes my life boring to write about. People have commented on how they have missed my ranting. But I have nothing to rant about. Although there is an election coming up, so I might have more fodder. But as far as life goes, I am content. I am no longer searching.

So it has been refreshing to read Philosofina. Andalindsia is going through all of the things that I went through years ago. I love reading her work. You should read it too. She is discovering herself, her sexuality, her spiritualism. She reminds me of me.

I will try to write again. But until then, read her work. You will enjoy it. I promise.

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