Kamp K

Two of my three nieces are coming to visit this summer as they are finally old enough to stay the week on their own. So I sent them the following email. Brother Sparkles is now wondering if there is more room at Kamp K for him.

Do you have suggestions of what I can do with an 8 and 10 year old for a week?


We are looking forward to your stay with us at Kamp K 2015. In order to better serve you, please let the concierge know what activities you are interested in. We have listed a number of possible activities and would appreciate it if you would RSVP and group these activities into the following categories.
YES! Let’s do it! 
Maybe, I’m not sure.
No, thanks. Not my thing.
We are looking forward to your stay!
~ Concierge K
Jelly Belly Factory Tour
Walking with Perl at Fort Funston (a hundred dogs running around on the ocean beach)
Biking around Monterey
Monterrey Bay Aquarium
Biking around Angel Island
20080519171131_san francisco angel island.jpg
Boat ride and tour of Alcatraz
Walk over the Golden Gate Bridge
Horseback riding
Hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains to see a view of Silicon Valley
Hiking in Yosemite
San Francisco Zoo

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