Vermiculture Curious

I’ve been working hard on my garden this year. I have four kinds of tomatoes, two cucumbers, zucchini, squash, eggplant, basil and a blueberry bush.



In my herb garden there is thyme, oregano, mint, lavender, sage, parsley which share space with three different types of peppers.


Also, a rosemary bush and some lettuce


It has been quite productive this year!


I’ve used it all to make quite a few dishes, with simple things like salad


And pizza with a homemade crust. I’m still trying to find the best crust recipe


To fried, green, cherry tomatoes in an avocado dipping sauce when they fell off the vines accidentally during some “taming” exercises


I’ve also made eggplant parmesan with whole tomatoes and a cherry tomato sauce


With all of the veggie waste I’ve produced, I thought it would be good to look into composting. That way I can reinvigorate the soil I already have for next year’s crops. Circle of life and all.

So while Perl was off to the groomer’s


I went to Sunnyvale’s Composting Workshop where I bought a bag of worms.


The problem was that I didn’t have a home for them. That night, they crawled out of the bag and were scattered all over my back deck. I really am not a fan of worms. I tried my best to collect them all.

I decided my worms weren’t going to have any old lame plastic box with some holes cut in it. They deserve a nice wooden box that I don’t mind having on my deck. So I took a trip to Home Depot. Myrtle isn’t thrilled about being used as a truck. 


My back deck furniture became my workshop. Measure twice, cut once. I’m definitely going back for a circular saw for my next project. I want straighter cuts.



A selfie to prove I was there.





In the end, I have a box made out of redwood fence board. It has handles, a lock, and even wheels!


I lined the inside with wire to keep the worms from coming out the holes and keep the pests from going in. Although there is a big hole along the top.


It is filled now with worm bedding, worms, and food. The worms have stayed inside now for two nights. We will see if that lasts. It is possible they might all be dead. If so, I’ll have a nice box for the tools I bought to make this.



One response to this post.

  1. Roger as been maintaining our worm bin for years now.

    Works fantastic. Worm tea is viciously potent good stuff.

    You really want something with layers, preferably where the layers can be swapped around. And you really want the bottom layer to be largely open so you can capture the worm tea.


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