You can thank Steve for that

I went to Alexander’s Steakhouse tonight for dinner. Yes, I know that I’m a vegetarian, and so going to a steakhouse is quite the contradiction. However, the decision was made in an email thread I missed while I was out learning how to communicate. Ironic, right?

In California, I’m never worried. There is always something vegetarian on the menu. And if all else fails, I make a meal of side dishes and salad. Outside of California, this is much more difficult. Even more difficult for the gluten-free crowd. But I have yet to actually starve. So I didn’t argue about the selection.

Sure enough, on the third page of the menu was, in bold letters, the word Vegetarian, standing out between the steak and everything else. Well, that did it. I’ll have the Vegetarian.

When it came out, it was incredible. A plate of local, farm-fresh vegetables, beautifully arranged. “Isn’t it gorgeous,” the waiter exclaimed?

Yes, I agreed, as I discretely took a picture.

“You can thank Steve Jobs for that,” the waiter said.

It turns out, Steve at some point convinced Alexander’s that they should have a vegetarian option for those of us who accompany our meat eating friends to the fine establishment. So, the Vegetarian was born and added to the menu.

The waiter jokingly suggested that maybe we should all go to vegetarian restaurants and demand they add meat to their menu.

Thank you, Steve.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Mom on December 5, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    It does look delicious! and yes I love the idea of going to a vegetarian restaurant and seriously suggesting that they add at least one “meat” meal to their menu!!!
    Happy Thursday!!!


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