Day 6: Travelling

Today was a long drive. We went back though the fields of argan trees. I saw goats near the trees, but I never saw goats in the argan trees. I’m highly disappointed.

We went through the Atlas mountain range and back into a bit of rocky desert. I saw some sand tornados. Just little ones. On to the outskirts of Marrakech and Casablanca and then to Rabat.

When we tried to get from one highway onto another outside of Casablanca, we had to back out of the exit because some big trucks didn’t like the traffic they saw down the highway. We tried another route, but there are really no signs. No street signs or anything. So we went back to the highway.

It was construction. They were building an overpass and merging the lanes into one and making us cross to the other side of the highway. There were no signs about the construction.

I will never drive in Morocco.

We got back in time for snack, tea, and dinner. At H and Tour Guide’s mom’s place, we had fresh squeezed oj that was awesome, cake that I ate some of, but tried to avoid, and I had some surprise meat bread. It happens. Dinner with J’s parent’s place was pasta and meat. I’ve finally learned to eat out of the big plate in the middle of the table like everyone else. I still get told to eat more. It is hard enough to explain that I’m vegetarian and that is why I’m ignoring most of the meat. I did eat a little just to make sure my stomach can continue to digest it. I haven’t tried to explain that I’m on a diet. I’m not logging my calories and my FitBit battery died. But I’m at least trying not to gain weight while I’m here while still trying everything.

Dinner was a bit overwhelming. There was some extended family. With eleven adults and two kids, the conversations were all over the place. It was a good time for me to practice listening to multiple conversations with only one ear since I wasn’t expected to respond to most of it. Hopefully I’ll be ready for meetings and restaurants when I get back home. The first week I’d lost my hearing, I wanted to cry most of the time in those situations because it was so difficult for me to keep up. I’m getting better at it! Good thing I have this long vacation scheduled so I can adapt!

In other news, you are all welcome. As we all know, the stock price is inversely proportional to my productivity level. I’ve been super productive lately. My vacation started last Tuesday as you can tell from the charts. I can’t tell you when my vacation ends because that would be considered insider trading, right? Well, you’ve got a little time, so enjoy. I’ll try to slack off to over $500.


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