Day 3: Travelling

After my solo breakfast because I’d gotten up just a few minutes too late, Tour Guide, Little A who still was home sick, and I went out in search of a car rental place. No such luck. So we went to the local coffee shop with wifi (don’t forget to pronounce it wee fee and feel silly).

The coffee shop was filled with men drinking coffee and smoking, inside and out. We got stuck inside for a while and eventually found seats outside. Tour Guide, who has lived in places like Canada and Australia, is always kind enough to leave the table when he lights up.

Outside with the smokers, we looked up car rentals while I uploaded photos. We weren’t having much luck and thought going in to the center of town and talking in person would help.

But first it was already time for lunch. Couscous, veggies and beef. I had to have someone explain to J’s dad why I wasn’t eating the meat he was pushing towards me. That and he wanted me to eat more and I couldn’t seem to explain I was full. I felt bad because I tried the milk but learned it was buttermilk. I should have just passed on it.

I got to meet J’s sister’s husband. He’d studied in Florida, so I had lots of people to speak English with. I still feel lame for not knowing at least one other language. Four years of Latin, two years of German, and half a year of Spanish twenty years ago doesn’t do much for me.

Tour Guide and Little A fell asleep where they were, so H and I went off to the room I’ve been staying in for a nap. I’m really hoping things go well with this next round of radiation. I hate to see her in so much pain.

At lunch, it was mentioned we were having a tough time finding a rental car, so J’s sister’s husband hooked us up with someone who would bring us a rental car for 300 Dh per day. That is about $30/day. It was better than we’d found so far.

When the car arrived, J and Tour Guide were both out on different errands, so H had to trek downstairs to help me through the transaction.

The car was a bit old and well worn, but it supposedly has working a/c. We didn’t try it, so I’m not sure yet. There was a stray puppy running around. Can Not Take Hone Stray Puppy From Morocco.

When Tour Guide returned, we headed off to Marrakech. About a four hour drive, we survived the crazy drivers, enjoyed the full moon, and had to ask multiple times for directions because there are no street signs.

The hotel room we rented was supposed to be a double, which normally means two beds. Not so much. It was a double bed instead of a twin. We convinced them to move another bed into the room.

We almost couldn’t get the room because we didn’t have a marriage license. But I have an American passport and Tour Guide has a Canadian ID card, so we got away with it.

After putting our stuff in the room, we went to Jamaa L’fna, the crazy square with the constant carnival. But we forgot that Friday is the holy day and it pretty much closed down by 11 pm. We tried to go to some restaurants, but they were closing, so we decided to chance it at a vendor. Cold grilled eggplant, beef tajine, I ate the veggies. Pop and the hanging lightbulbs under the tent all went out. They must have blown a fuse. They fixed it before we left.

In Moroccan cities, the streets have parking attendants. They help you find a spot and fit into it. We’d asked the attendant if we could find parking when we got back, so he’d actually saved us a spot. I was pleasantly surprised.


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