Now that I’ve been a vegetarian for over a year (with a few slip ups like Crabtacular, and Italy), I’m pretty comfortable with being able to find good food choices and cook for myself. The time has come to take the next step and become a vegan.

I watched Vegucated on Netflix tonight. It follows three people as they try eating vegan for six weeks. Interesting documentary. I recommend you watch it. We’ve all become so detached from where our food comes from. If anything, it might convince you to buy your meat from smaller, local farms. Or maybe just reduce your intake of meat.

For me, lunch will be easy if I eat at the caffe since I already usually go to the vegan station anyways. Cheese will be the hard part. I love cheese. But I don’t love that we make cows give birth and then take away their calves so we can use the milk. And cows produce a lot of methane which contributes to global warming. And farmland is used to grow grains for the cows instead of people. And I don’t like eating eggs anyways.

It won’t be an overnight change. I still have a few eggs, some milk, and cheese in my fridge. But when those are gone, I’ll be making dairy-free substitutions.

Suum cuique.


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