Too close to home

From my brother, Sparkles—

Please read the linked story before you read this post. My rant does gets a little nasty at the end, I try very hard not to swear on Facebook but not this time. I’ve had a little time to think and calm down after hearing about this today so that I don’t alienate everyone but that doesn’t say much. Just know the bear has been poked…

My daughter’s school was put in lockdown today for absolutely legitimate reasons. She sat huddled with her classmates in a fucking corner while the teacher read to them just like the kids in Newtown. What did your right to own a gun do for her today in this scenario? I don’t think guns should be banned but it sure as hell better get a lot harder and more expensive to purchase, sell, own and posses any firearms, ammo and paraphernalia. Luckily she is still too young to know all the details of Newtown, but she does know about it. So, it was no big deal to her that they were in lockdown. They really are still too young to understand the danger. But I have to deal with it.

We need to fix mental health care and its stigma.

There are many, many types of weapons that civilians have no business owning.

Your rights are starting to infringe on my right to feel safe and that my family is safe from your “sports” equipment whether in your hands or someone else’s.

I’m a runner, my shoes are not capable of mass murder. What is your “sports” equipment capable of? 

What well formed and trained militia do you belong to?

Is it the French or English you are worried about? Maybe Old Ironsides haunts your dreams?

If you think teachers should have guns like some do in countries like Isreal please move there. They also have to worry about their house being shelled every night. 

In other words, keep your guns away from my kids. There is no place for weapons at school by anyone other than trained professionals. The risk of accidents far outweighs the possibility that they would actually need them.

If you are not a cop but think you are a trained professional in firearms and own any firearms please unfriend me now. You are a danger to yourself and those around you. No, seriously, I don’t want to know you.

Was it harder to get a gun or a drivers license?

If you have a loaded weapon in your house, please unfriend me. You are a danger to yourself and others.

My daughters can not accidentally fire the piece of steel load bar under my bed. It can be stolen but I’m pretty sure it won’t sell for much and probably won’t be used to kill someone you know or love.

I’ll take my chances with that load bar in my house against someone any day, it has no safety, I don’t have to load it and it can not get jammed. And I know my house better than someone else. It could be used against me, but at least I have a better chance of living because, more often than not, your gun gets used against you by strangers and people you know.

If we knew what caused cancer we would eradicate it, correct? Well, we know what causes death from gunshot wounds.

We need to be talking also about gun violence in our cities. Newtown happens everyday when you combine daily gun deaths in America. All life is precious.

If you are a responsible gun owner who keeps your weapons and ammo locked, continuously, away from each other, then I’m not talking to you. If you are a hunter with a one shot rifle, I support you. If you are someone who likes to go to the gun range with a hand gun, I’m still ok there. Again, as long as you are truly responsible with your weapon, I support you. If you are a rancher, or farmer, who needs to protect your herd or crops from predators, I salute you—you put food on my table. If you think we should arm everyone including teachers, then please take your knuckles off the ground, extend a finger, and find the unfriend button. Whether friend or family I don’t want to be associated with you. You are a dangerous Neanderthal and I don’t want myself or my family associated with you. Think I’m being a little over zealous? Fuck You! My daughter sat in a corner for 20 fucking minutes today while someone played with a gun a half mile from the school. Illegally obtained. If he didn’t have THE GUN she would not have sat in a fucking corner and I wouldn’t have the fucking image in my head.

Think your tough guy attitude and your gun would have solved the issue? FUCK YOU! Unfriend me now.

What if the government breaks down and I need to defend myself? Then you are a paranoid delusional and you need help and shouldn’t own a gun. Until you get that help please unfriend me and stay away from me and my family. You are a danger to yourself and others.

Gun enthusiasts have had their “fun” but it’s not fun anymore. Your equipment can cause mass murder. Even a 6-round clip can cause the devastation that happened in Newtown. All you need is more clips. The “sport” is over, it’s time to be responsible citizens and care about each other. What you see as recreation has the possibility to cause death and devastation on a very wide scale. What is sporting about that? Is your recreation really worth the even small chance your weapon could cause the death of your child?


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  1. Posted by Lindsay on January 29, 2013 at 9:31 am

    I’m not saying I disagree, but the “we need to fix mental health care” needs to be a much larger and more prominent discussion. I’d say it’s more of an issue than gun control, but nobody is talking about it.


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