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Christmas Staycation, Day I

This is my second staycation in as many months. A whole week to myself to do as I please. I don’t have a list yet, but I really should.

This morning was pouring rain, but I went out to pick up dog food and pet supplies, then stopped at the Farmer’s Market for fresh eggs, cheese, olive oil, and bread. I still needed milk for pancakes, so I had to stop at the grocery store. Being on vacation, I took my time. It was lunchtime when I arrived home, so I made a plate of bread, olive oil, cheese, and veggies to eat while sitting on the couch watching TV.

I spent the afternoon on Pintrest planning a wedding. No worries, it isn’t mine. It is Meine Schwester’s marital party. She isn’t engaged yet. Rocket Man has moved in and they are planning for an eventual day of bliss—including Rocket Man already picking out the bridal party—but we are all still waiting for the engagement part.

In the meantime, Meine Schwester is planning the party. She and I are not typical girls, so we’ve not taken the time to daydream about the day of the white dress before. That is where Pintrest and shared boards come in. We can search the Internet for fabulous ideas and pin them. That is what I did this afternoon.

While I’d been lounging on the couch, my friends from Portland, OR/Morocco were driving through snowstorms from Portland to get to SF. They didn’t arrive in time for dinner, but I took the train to SF for dinner anyways.

On the ride, I made arrangements to meet up with Hawaiian Lemur Girl for dinner at LuLu’s. I tried to invite more people, but it seems lots of people go to snowy places for the holidays. Who knew?

One of the antipasti had pasti in it. Gasp! Regardless, the beets, broccolini and squash were good. So was the margherita pizza.

From there, we went to the The View at the top of the Marriott to meet my friends from Portland.

I was happy to learn that my friends had actually slept somewhere in between last night and hadn’t actually drove from Portland today. That is a long drive.

After an evening of discussing cities and travel, they dropped me off at the train station and now I’m listening to two long-haired guys, one is an old-time hippie freak, the other works as a sys admin. The hippie keeps chickens, cats and dogs so he can eat them in an emergency after the Big One. The Sys Admin is just going to find someone with food and take theirs.

If any of you think you are going to get my food after the Big One, think again. I’ve told you that I’m prepared so that you will prepare. I’m not your mother and I’m not going to give you my food. Take care of yourself. My cat and dog are not dinner.