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Today’s school shooting in Newtown, CT affected me more than the others have. Previous mass shootings have happened in places like Aurora, Columbine, and Virginia Tech. Places I looked up on a map and didn’t know existed until they were plastered on the news.

Today was different. The school I used to teach at is twenty minutes away from Newtown. A college friend is from Newtown. I’ve stopped for gas in Newtown. My elementary school-aged nieces live forty minutes away from Newtown.

I’ve expected all day to hear that someone I know knows someone affected. It is a small world. So far, I haven’t heard anything, which is good, but there are a lot of families suffering tonight and I feel for them.

I also feel for the brother and the father and the other family members of the shooter. This has got to be hard on them, especially when the news reported it was the wrong brother first. How many lives does the media have to ruin? I stuck to listening to NPR today because they had less rumor mill crap than the rest of the media outlets, but even they got it wrong today.

When will the media realize that being first to report lies is not honorable?

And how close to home does this have to get before there is real gun control?