Night out

I’ve been a bore lately. Actually, it has been more than a year. My excuse in the beginning was that I had to spend my nights and weekends working on the online class I was teaching. Even if I wasn’t working on it, I sat on my couch thinking I should work on it and feeling guilty about it.

In the spring when that ended and I finally felt like I was going to get my life back, I learned that Pablo had diabetes and Mitsy was dying of congestive heart failure. I learned how to give insulin shots every twelve hours and I spent as much time with the pets as possible. I brought Mitsy to the vets three weekends thinking that each time would be her last and bawling like the world had ended. I wasn’t much fun to be with.

It has been a few months since then. Mitsy has passed and I’m learning to manage Pablo’s diabetes. And I’m trying to figure out how to have a life around it. Now that Perl has torn her ACL and is not allowed to run or jump or play for eight weeks, you’d think I’d be home, but just the opposite. If I were home, Perl would want to be out of her kennel running and jumping and playing. Instead, I go home every few hours to walk her and let her stretch, then confine her again and leave. She just thinks I’m neglecting her and I don’t have to hear her whimper.

So Friday night was the company Christmas party. I got al dressed up and went out on the town. I and my feet in the four-inch heels are grateful for the ride home from my Cow-orker and SO. Saturday I stayed home all day, but Perl and Pablo slept all of it. So did I for that matter. Sunday I went to dinner at a friend’s house. He is practicing his gourmet cooking on a small group of us. I do miss Physics Goddess’s cooking!

Monday night I stayed home and had to fast after 8 pm for blood and urine tests the next day. I almost ate beets that night. Really, really, red, dark, staining beets. I stopped myself so the nurse wouldn’t freak out at the color of my urine.

Tuesday night I went out with Mountain Man’s friends. I’ve been out with them a couple times now but still think of them as his friends, so I’ll stick with that until they have names. It was her birthday. We went to Tony P’s on Park Ave in San Jose. They have lunch service, but no dinner service yet, so they let us bring in dinner from somewhere else until then.

We had a blast. I met a bunch of new people. They are a great group and I enjoy their Second Tuesdays out.

Tonight I went up to the city for a bizarro world version of an event that happened five years ago. This time the interviewer was the interviewee. A lot has happened in five years.

The event went well with free wine and tamales provided by local vendors. I met a couple new people, but tried to lay low for the most part. I was there to support my friend and his work.

On the way out, my friend was carrying luggage on his way to catch a red-eye flight. The car was waiting out front. As we walked up the stairs, his bag rubbed against the wire mesh net along the stairs and in the blink of an eye, was attached. We all tried detaching the bag. One of the wires had slipped inside the zipper pull. I bent a key and broke a nail trying to open the pull. Someone found a hammer and we used the claw to pry open the zipper pull enough to release the wire. Seriously, I can totally believe this freak thing happened to him. Maybe he needs to work on his karma points.

He dropped me off at the train station, but since the train only runs once an hour, I had twenty-seven minutes to kill, so I went to the restaurant across the street.

The place was packed at quarter past nine at night. There was no room at the bar, just a high table for six. I said I was just looking for a drink to waste a few minutes. The waiter seated me at the empty table so I could look down upon the crowd.

A guy walked in. He was looking to have dinner alone. I offered him to share my table. His name is Brandon. He lives in the OC. An accountant. In town for work. From Chicago. School in Wisconsin. Lives with roommates. We got as much in as we could in twenty minutes. My version of speed dating. But then I left him. I had five minutes to get to the train. I said I’d come back if I missed it.

I missed the light and had to stop. As I did, the girl standing on the corner said she loved my jacket. The color. The fit. The way I walked in it. Turns out she is a fashion design major. The light turned.

I made the train.

Do you wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t?


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  1. Posted by Mom on December 13, 2012 at 9:59 am

    yuppers I do wonder!


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