Staycation List Finale

I did a great job with my list.  I spent Wednesday evening cooking.  This

turned into this

Potato-Fennel Gratin

Cranberry Sauce

Veggie Balls with Basil-Spinach Pesto (renamed Schweddy Balls)

I then got up early on Thursday to go to the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot with Keanu.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like the name Keanu, but it is the only one that has stuck in my head so far. I ran under 36 minutes which isn’t my fastest, but better than nothing.  Not so bad. At the end of the race, we met up with Ronzilla and the family. Crazy ran a minute faster than me.  No fair!  I got beat by a girl!

After the race, I took a nice hot shower.  It was only 46 degrees when I’d left the house, but at least had warmed up to the 50’s by the time I got home.  Cleaned and hungry, I headed to my Holiday Family’s place for dinner.

There were two disasters.  First was my basil-spinach pesto that never even made it to dinner.  I burnt the walnuts and it smelled horrid.  I had to stop and pick up pesto on the way. And yes, I know that pesto isn’t really a thanksgiving thing, but I needed something to go on the Schweddy Balls.  I hear they were delicious with gravy.

The second disaster was when we tried to flip the turkey to crispen the underside.  The bird split, the skin started falling off, and basically, stick a fork in it, the bird was done.  It was protesting.  It didn’t need another hour.  Dinner was on!

Friday morning was hiking with Princess K and her newest pup, Brendan.  He is looking so much better now that she’s taken on care of him.  He’s lost weight, is learning to deal with other dogs and people, and even wags his tail occasionally.  It is an amazing transformation!

I hurt from hiking.  A good hurt.  But I still hurt.  Nothing a beer wouldn’t fix, so I biked down to my favorite neighborhood pub for a drink.  It was a beautiful day, so I sat outside writing and having a drink.  As I was about to leave, some friends stopped by, so we had another drink.  I introduced them to special coffee.  Then there was the warm honey whiskey with lemon and cloves as the sun was setting.  We decided to go biking on Saturday.

I went in to pay and ran into a friend who was singing in the band that night.  So I biked home, walked the dog and went back to the pub.  I haven’t been out in a while.  Now I remember why.  It was loud and I fell way off the diet wagon.  It was also Black Hawaiian Shirt Friday.

Saturday was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky, so a couple of us drove down to Monterey for a day of biking.  The morning was fabulous.  We rode out to Pacific Grove.


Then back to downtown Monterey to the Cannery Row Brewing Company.  I had an Allagash White.  Yay Maine!  Then we headed the opposite direction.  And promptly ran out of paved trail.

I’m not sure where it went exactly.  So we gave up and went home where I showered, walked the dog and spent the rest of the evening on the couch.

Today was a slow day.  Super foggy this morning.  The dog and I walked.  I spent hours getting rid of junk mail and cleaning up my computer.  Then Perl and I went over to a friend’s house to play with their new kittens!  Perl played in the backyard and the kittens were fascinated by her from the upstairs window.

This evening, I finished staycation off by making squash soup.  I’ll be eating that for the next few days.  Luckily, it tastes great.

I didn’t finish all of my list, but I did a lot of things that weren’t on the list either.  Overall, staycation was a great success!

√ Buy an iPad mini tomorrow that isn’t for me. Maybe one for me too.
√ Pick up my wine shipments in the Santa Cruz mountains
√ Run the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot
√ Bike the trails in Monterrey
√ Play golf
√ Take my dog to Fort Funston
– Make an Aperture book of my Italy trip
– Plan a trip around the world
√ Buy new spices from
√ Setup doctors appointments
√ Minimize my junk email
√ Make cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving day
√ Spend Thanksgiving day with my holidays family and call the rest of my family
√ Have a play date for Perl with Princess K
– Investigate colors to paint my condo this summer
– Finish my Italy travelogue before I finish my staycation


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Mom on November 26, 2012 at 3:53 am

    Seems that you will now have to focus on completing ‘Italy’ on your own with out the assist of staycation – good luck!
    Nice work on the rest of the list!


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