Black Friday

I can not tell a lie.  I did not even consider going shopping for Black Friday.  I haven’t shopped on Black Friday in years.  It isn’t just Black Friday, I hate shopping.  Black Friday is just the epitome of the worst parts of shopping.  The worst parts of consumerism really.  When I shop, I see stores filled with cheap products targeting people who are easily susceptible to advertising.  Then I think about where these products are made, in factories in China, because there, they can carelessly toss pollution into the streams and air, which is harming us all.  And there are low wages for the employees building the products, but also the ones selling the products here in the states.  Big box stores who pay as close to minimum wage as they can get and keep their employees hours down so they don’t have to offer health care.  Because really, who wants their employees to be able to buy food, gas or bus fare to get to work, and be healthy and able to work more.  Walmart sure doesn’t, and neither do other stores that care more about their bottom line and their CEO and executive salaries than they do about their workers.  And while Walmart is underpaying their workers, we are all supporting them on welfare and other entitlements so that one family can become billionaires on our taxpayer dime.  I’d rather that the people who shop at Walmart support the workers with higher prices.  I don’t want to support their habits for buying cheap, poorly-made products they don’t need that are polluting the earth while also paying for the people selling them the junk.


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  1. You forgot the part where WalMart utterly destroys local (and regional) businesses anywhere they have a presence. Not just competitors, but any small/medium sized suppliers, too. The horror stories I’ve heard from vendors at the Farmer’s markets that entered into supply contracts with WalMart would make you cringe.

    I don’t have a problem with a company or individual mazimizing profits or amassing wealth.

    I have a big problem with it when their profits are earned by ensuring that their workers maximally rely on government handouts to survive. Likewise when they completely screw their vendors.


  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, my daughter on the whole Black Friday shopping issue. As for Walmart’s ethics, I have never liked their cooperate processes and attitudes hence I never shop there.

    Remember that today is Small Business Saturday! So when you do shop, support your local small business… instead of the big boxes!


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