Thursday (I think it was Thursday, I’m pretty confused at this point) we spent the day in Venice. Or, really, we spent a few hours. Awake at 05:45, out the door by 07:15, and on the bus for three hours. I used the time to catch up on writing a post for the day before and a little more sleep.

Our time in Venice was not long enough. We took a boat to the city, then a tour of Doge Palace. The entertainment came when we took too long for the tour and only had half an hour for lunch. Meine Schwester, Rocket Man, and I took off. We walked quickly through the crowded streets looking for a small side street with a cafe. We found Nel Tuore di Venezia where we ordered a veggie pizza and a liter of house red wine and were mocked by the waiter. The place was adorable, the staff tolerant of our ridiculous acts of Americanism, and I want to go back some time when I’m not in a rush. The pizza came quickly, so we ordered a four cheese pizza as well. We didn’t have much time, so we got half the pizza to go, and pounded the wine. We also snuck in a little time to go to the bagno and then ran for the gondolas. We literally ran.

Meine Schwester, Rocket Man, ESM (short for Evil Step Mother) and I ended up in the gondola with the accordion player and the singer. As an extra win, that meant there were only four of us sharing the bottle of champagne instead of six.

While many will say the gondola ride wasn’t worth it at €40, we had a blast. That might have had a lot to do with our previous liter of wine, the extra champagne, and the running, but it was also because we had a chance to chat with the musicians.

After the gondola ride, we got suckered into buying from some of the street vendors. I bought a Venetian mask and Meine Schwester and I bought matching oil paintings from an artist. Maybe redecorating my bedroom will have a Venetian theme.

That is all the time we had in Venezia. Back on the bus, I slept much of the three hours back to Montecatini. Dinner was slightly torturous because the bus ride into the mountains had inflamed my sinuses again and my ears were ringing like mad. I couldn’t wait for bedtime.


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  1. Posted by Sue on October 10, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    So glad you guys are all enjoying your time…but today is October 10, and no other posts…are you all having so much fun you can’t take the time to post?


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