Siena and San Gimignano

Today we went to Siena and San Gimignano. Not as early as yesterday, but I was exhausted. Didn’t sleep well thanks to the cough from Das Plague.

Siena was beautiful. Much more down to earth than Firenze, and still holding a bitter grudge against Firenze. We had a guided tour where we saw Saint Catherine’s head. They (the royal they) sent different pieces of her to different places. She had died early at age 33. Since her head was there, I had to ask if she died from decapitation. Turns out, it was a sickness. Maybe I gave her Das Plague. Her skull is filled with local clay to try to make it seem better somehow.

We had a half hour of free time, so Meine Schwester, Rocket Man, und Ich got our first taste of gelato, looked at the shops and marveled as to how they have a horse race in that square.

We met back up with the group, and unbeknownst to us, part of the group, including Roomie was missing when we went looking for the bus. I was busy making sure I didn’t lose ESM because iDad would never forgive me for that. But I lost Roomie and her friends.

They had a hard time finding their way back to the bus. It included getting a ride in a two person vehicle with a stranger. Half of the bus voted them off. The other half worried if try would make it back. I spent the time catching up on photos and my blog.

Eventually, they arrived and we continued on our way to a little winery, Tenuta Torciano in San Gimignano. There, we started with a white wine with cheese, salami, bread and oil and salad, then moved on to the reds. Our secondi course was twice boiled vegetables in truffle-flavored olive oil. Our third course was the owner’s mother’s lasagna again with their truffle-flavored olive oil and their balsamic vinegar. We tasted a number of fabulous wines. One that wasn’t on the list was number zero. So I went to one of the adorable servers, batted my eye lashes, and asked for a taste of number zero at a price of €133 per bottle. It was amazing.

The city of San Gimignano was adorable. We had a little time to wander around. Now we are back to the hotel, having another fabulous dinner and about to drink on the veranda. Not that we need more wine…


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