Montecatini Terma

After my bath, I wandered off to explore the town where we are staying, Montecatini Therma. In an effort not to get lost, I purposely walked in circles. I stopped by the hotel probably four times checking to see if Meine Schwester und Rocket Man happened to stop by to find me at the same time. No luck.

The first few streets I walked down were not the nicest part of town. I found at least two tattoo parlors and didn’t even think of stopping. Most of the shops were closed for the afternoon. I guess that is normal. And I’m not too interested in purchasing anything.

I was starving, but didn’t know where I wanted to eat an was just generally grumpy from lack of sleep. I wasn’t great company. Plus, my nose was running and I couldn’t stop coughing, so I was waiting for the restaurants to clear our so I wouldn’t pass on The Plague.

I went down a road for the last quadrant circle walk when I found a brick trail. Knowing I could find my way back, I followed it to the end at the mineral spa. Meine Schwester had really wanted to go to the spa, but all I could remember was thy there was something strange about them. As I read the sign, I was reminded of the difference. This spa was to drink the mineral water, not bathe in it.

I just took photos.

I finally found my way back to the hotel and a pizzeria across the street where I had my first Italian pizza.

Then I watched a show out in the square. It was elderly dancers from many countries. Bizarre, but intriguely entertaining.

As I was walking back to the hotel, I spied Meine Schwester und Rocket Man. We went off to dinner where instead of a meat course, I had a cheese course. Worked for me.

By the end of dinner, my eyes were puffy and I was blowing snot everywhere. It was time for my exit. Turns out, sleep is extremely important when recovering from The Plague.

So of to bed I went. I slept a like a rock, but still had bizarre dreams. And when roommate was putting the key in the door, I thought I’d locked her out, so I bolted out of bed. Tuns out, the bank next door was robbed and sirens went off and I never heard a thing. Exhausted.

It was a good first day.


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