The Wedding

Was fabulous.

And I’m not just saying that because I know they are reading this. ;-)

First, we took a bus ride over the mountains and through the plain, down a very long dirt road, to the mother of the bride’s house in Wilsail. Riding home at 1am is a bit freaky with all the critters running around.

The wedding was outside with hay bales and parasols. You will see from the photos. I took a lot of photos. They will come later when I have time to go through all 360 of them. Lucky for you, I have time to hang out in the airport today.

The things you can’t see are numerous. The choreographed first dance, the incredible food including elk shot by the MOTB. The amazing set of friends and family that S&B have. The dancing that lasted into the night and the awesome band that played. The fireworks display. And let’s not forget the beautiful sunset followed by the vibrant Milky Way.

The best part of the weekend has been the people I have met. Grade school friends, college friends, work friends, friend friends, and family. S&B are amazing people, and their friends reflect that.

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