Landed safely

But I had a bit of a scare. Just as we were descending, I started to pass out. My ears were ringing, everything was getting dark and it wasn't just because the lights were off.

I turned on the air and tried not to think about throwing up. I tried to stop thinking about how difficult customs would be if I keeled over in my seat. I wondered if I should tell the guy next to me. I did tell him after we landed and all he could say was, "I know."

I've never passed out, but I've come close twice before. Once was after having my eyes dialated and the other was when my cat bit me and I was on these crazy antibiotics. Right before it happened this time I woke up to find my contact was really dry and I was having a hard time seeing. Or I could be dehydrated from the sunburn. And then there were the two beers with my dinner salad.

I'm just not winning.

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